Anyone who studies fashion, observing how it has moved and changed across timelines over all the decades can quickly deduce that there’s a certain cyclical pattern to all of it, although with each time back around there are always new creative changes and distinctive elements of flair that set them apart. Some, however are fashion trends we hope to never see return, and as we bid these period pieces a fond adieu, we assure ourselves with thoughts like “Well that one will surely never be back.”

What Goes Around Comes Around
Fashion trends originate from the fashion industry, as this is the way they stay in business. The fashions must perceptibly change from year to year, to compel consumers to make new wardrobe purchases, as often as possible. Then we have “the look,” and they have their level of sales where they need to be. Even though there continue to be obvious changes in trends from year to year, looking at fashion changes over the broader expanse of time, the similarities will always be there, just spaced apart by time. And, from what we are now seeing, no one should be so quick about throwing out even the ugliest of fashions from our wardrobes, as they ALL come back…Let’s take five we never expected to see again.

Model wearing overalls on the runway.

Gordana Sermek /

  1. HAREM/PARACHUTE/MC HAMMER PANTS: The trademark pants that seemed to begin and end with M.C. Hammer’s iconic fame were a fashion trend that we thought we would never again be able to “touch this,” as they went out with the 90s are back. A few brave souls began wearing them a couple of years ago, but now in 2015, they are here in full force.
  2. Doorknocker Earrings: Those once thought to be “fashion bomb” ear baubles of the 80s are back, looking chunkier and came in distinctive style patterns of twist, puff, triangle and bamboo–look at enough ears and you’ll see that they have all come back, catching on fast.
  3. Overalls: They’re back, and big with guys and girls of 2015 fashion savvy. Once the thing of the 1980s and 1990s, overalls are back, more comfortable, practical and stylish, and softer and more wearable than ever. Slimmer fits, distressed options and various shades that look more “now,” than “then.”
  4. Colored Denim: It’s definitely back now, with a wider range of colors, from bright-bright, to low key muted shades. A true surge of color hit the denim market of the 90s, forever changing how the fashion industry would think of “blue” jeans. Still jeans, but blue? So much more, in 2015.
  5. Jelly Sandals: One of the biggest trends of the 80s was Jelly Sandals, made out of PVC plastic, and everyone had at least one pair. Not only were they cheap, but they came in every color, to match anything you owned.