2015 brings its own unique style of accessorizing for the most fashion savvy trend leaders on the runway. Earrings will surely always be big in fashion accessorizing, and we’ve gone from matched, single earrings in ears to multiple piercings, and even interconnected earrings–with each other, and to nose rings. Preferences seem to be moving back to single earrings for each ear, yet they can be quite complex in configuration and components, and as always, remain light enough not to turn a pierced hole into a slit or a hurting, inadvertently forked ear lobe.

Mixing it Up
While the trend of the solo earring in only one ear has been highly popular for some time now, a new style is rapidly advancing in the ever-changing world of ear ornamentation. It is all about wearing mismatched earrings, or “differently” matched earrings. This trend includes a wide variety of shoulder dusting distinctions from ear to ear in color, shape, length and more. True art designed specifically for both ears. Bigger, better and sparkly are the prominent keywords. Also, big earrings this year are diamond studs, but they’ve been cut and arranged in new, bold distinctions that truly surpass what you previously thought about diamonds for earrings.

There is a run on tortoiseshell now, as it beautifully provides an adequate measure of elegance and polish. Plus, it can just as easily be dressed up as it can be dressed down for casual occasions.

The Brass Selection
Currently, richly hued oversized metal earrings and intricate detail, this jewelry trend currently tends to disappear faster than other metal based jewelry. Look for highly polished 3D relief artwork crafted from brass for unique neck ornamentation of all sizes. Look for mixing of brass with semi-precious stones. Lovely!

Fingers and Wrists
Layers of skinny rings adorn fingers at a variety of locations on knuckles and joints of fingers, and thin cuffs multilayered and multi-metaled together combine to decorate wrists in interesting new configurations. It’s all about attention to detail. You’ll be seeing a lot more bracelets worn higher up on the forearm — nearer to the elbow joint. Turquoise enamel ventures away from its longtime counterpart of silver and pairs beautifully with gold for trendy bangles and gives them a playful, beachy vibe. Wear one alone for a pop of color or add it to your other existing arm candy. The standard chunky cuff is being overhauled with gold filigree to create much more of a feminine, yet funky ambiance.