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Jakie Tran

Jakie Tran is a writer, designer, and virtual assistant from sunny California. An avid fan and follower of skincare trends, she's your go-to person for all things skincare.

Prom couple

Prom Fun: Things to do AFTER Prom!

Prom’s coming, and everyone is looking ahead with stars in their eyes, dreams in their hearts and all kinds of expectations of a once-in-a-lifetime night on their minds. Thanks to the school and the prom committee–along with a few parents who helped (you thankfully managed to find another pursuit to prevent your own parents from…

Birthday cake

Most Unique Birthday Cakes Across the Country

With all of the publicity and celebrity revolving around the culinary and food presentation industry during the past decade or so, the world has been shown just how prominently any food creation’s visual imagery factors into its overall appeal. Many artistic aesthetics go into the final presentation of the dishes and foods served everywhere–from restaurants to…

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