California has always, always been the leading force behind any trend of significant resonance, and particularly when it comes to the artistic, cutting edge and eccentric lifestyle. While healthy eating has taken on a myriad of different understandings through the ages, it was truly during the consciousness-transformative hippie movement that for the first time, the whole concept of “health foods” became a concept that was integrated into the knowledge base of society-at-large, even though it would be at a later time when such a logical concept would become accepted without fear by a hard-working “meat and potatoes” society.

Humble beginnings with the Good Karma Cafe–San Fran
Fred Roché–in 1965–bravely opened the Good Karma Cafe in San Fran, which forever revolutionized  a long-standing public perception of “dining establishments.” Soon thereafter, a multitude of similar establishments would begin offering vegetarian and health food fare for the societal renegades in search of a deeper autonomy regarding their health as it related to consumption. And now–the veritable sky’s the limit, with the impartation of scientific findings being prevalent within a consuming society. And while there are certainly an insurmountable number of perfectly splendiferous choices across the entire U.S. and elsewhere, worldwide, it would be a misunderstanding to not attribute the movement to the heart of the West Coast–Cali. So, it would stand to reason that the most adept minds would turn to California for an in-depth understanding of the best of health food haute cuisine.

Good Earth, 720 Center Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930
Here thrived a 1970s franchise attempt for health food, California-style operating under the name of Good Earth. This enterprise was eventually purchased by General Mills in 1980. Unlike other locales, it is not uncommon to find big business fueling the most leading destinations of the California healthy eating industry. Among other key players, healthy-minded consumers will find KFC, Costco and more. and healthy food meal-providing establishments are moving to include GMO-free, locally raised ingredients, and are all but impossible to differentiate from what’s better known as “the norm,” in dining establishments. In addition to offering health-infused forms of all the regulars, like sodas and fries, diners will even be able to order toxin, pesticide, antibiotic and hormone-free fried chicken and beef entrees. With the previous mysticism gone, health food restaurants are exponentially increasing revenues, and liking it.

Shine Cafe, 415 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, CA 93442
Ever since their opening in 1989, Shine Cafe’s unique progression from a limited smoothie bar and raw foods cafe into a complex compilation of the top health foods chefs has been one success upon another. And now, with a better than ever vegan menu offering both indoor and outdoor seating that’s dog-friendly.

Baagan, 2620 Sunset Blvd #1, Rocklin, CA 95677
Diners here will find the most soothing atmosphere, with earth tones surrounding a mostly windowed ambiance, where vegan fare is as superlative as their special hand-blended teas. Baagan takes pride in serving up the most naturally produced foods possible, free of all the additives and complicated ingredients that only detract from healthy benefits.