There are more styles and methods of accessorizing with belts for today’s fashion savvy women than ever before, making it “a cinch” (sorry, just could not resist that one,) to find many styles that perfectly contribute to and cap off a myriad of outfits. The addition of a belt provides a level of transformative power to an outfit that goes beyond the addition of or switching of any other accessory you could think of. No matter what shape you have, no matter what your age might be, there are belts that can add a whole lot of “wow” factor to your wardrobe, and flatter your overall appearance.

From Function to Flair – the Evolution of Belts
Originally created with the one single purpose of ensuring that the wearer’s pants would not slide down, the first belts were simple, basic and without any sort of ornamentation. They were only regarded as a method for holding one’s pants in place. Eventually, suspenders came along, and it subsequently came down to a simple matter of preference as to which of these pants-securing methods any individual would choose. Since those early days, both belts and suspenders have transformed to be more frequently seen as additions to fashionably accessorize, for both men and women alike. In general, men’s belts have not come close to venturing out into the variety of styles that are typically available in belts for women. For the most part, men still like to be able to slip their belt through the belt loops that came on their pants. Oh, but not so, with women’s belts–especially those created to be worn with all clothing other than pants.

There are Belts that Flatter Any Shape, Any Size
Despite the somewhat commonly held notion among women that wearing a belt tends to add bulk to the waist area, there are belts that can be actually slimming, and visually take off pounds from the wearer. And it has a lot to do with the specific clothing arrangement you begin with, in terms of the level of waist flattering power a belt will produce. Generally, belts with greater widths and in darker colors are the best choices for their slimming potential. One way to add a belt with subtle downsizing is to match the color of the belt to the color of your outfit. Less contrast has less of an eye-drawing effect. If a negative image of your waistline has rendered you beltless, it’s time to give one or more a try. With the right belt, you will be pleasantly surprised.

What’s Hot
Leather belts are always “in,” and you’ll find them in all widths. They tend to hold their shape, not folding over like belts made of cloth and similar materials. Woven belts are hot, with big, chunky threads of both monochromatic and polychromatic flair. Not for everyone, faux fur belts add a bold statement to any ensemble. It’s often the buckles on belts that define them. Bigger ones are in right now, made of a myriad of forms and shapes, from flowers to giant bugs, in metals, plastic, stone and mother of pearl. Women are now sporting side-buckled belts, for a bit of fun, and these are fun and flaunty. And finally, for the humorous times, you can even buy LED belts that scroll messages of your choosing. Definitely worth a Google!