Whether you are shopping for yourself, or a woman in your life, finding the right thing isn’t always easy. There is one area where we just can’t seem to get enough “stuff,” and that pertains to car “stuff” or accessories. As long as there is some sort of use to them–even if to purely entertain, like the vintage Hawaiian dancing girl. Practically everyone drives a car, and unique car accessories that are useful make a great purchase or gift to spruce up the overall driving experience. The following list includes items that might be loosely included as accessories, as they are good to have in any car. And any woman would surely be glad to have one, or them all!

  • Personal Car Breathalyzer: Make after-work cocktails and other cordial occasions of cordial-consumption safer by knowing how safe you’ll be to drive, from your readout on this portable, high-performance breathalyzer that works in conjunction with your iPhone.
  • Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto System: These innovative devices integrate your iPhone or Android with the center console of your car to provide you with amazing access to everything you would ever need. There are many cars to be released this year with this system built in, but if you want it and don’t have it, there’s good news: You can buy aftermarket audio systems that are compatible. CarPlay from Apple features Siri and Apple Maps, while the Android Auto system features Google Now and Google Maps.
  • Phone Mount: This is one of the most useful devices any woman or man could own. It helps to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel, where they ought to be. Surprisingly, not a whole lot of women have these.
  • Tablemount for Backseat Viewing: While the woman doing the driving may not be able to directly use this cool device, it’ll come in handy when she has passengers in her back seat–and these can often be kids–to keep them entertained and peaceful for the drive. This device will enable everyone behind the driver’s row to watch movies and TV on a tablet that’s positioned perfectly for a great view by everyone back there. Carpooling and longer trips just got a lot easier. And Mom can chill on the drive.
  • Legal, Handsfree Phone Calls: As more and more states are outlawing the use of cell phones when hand-held by drivers, devices that offer hands-free calling are a wonderful solution for women who need to talk and drive at the same time.