Exactly when it started–and just how far it might go are two topics that exist as answerless, as the full lip quest continues, with every time we turn on the TV or watch a new release movie, yet another star appears to have been stung by a bee, and on both her bottom and top lips. Some are less shockingly apparent and actually might warrant filing in the “improvement” file, while the majority of them appear as disfiguring mistakes–in judgement on the part of the recipient, and in the exact level of skill possessed by the fullness-fulfillment surgeon. Big lips have become a key trademark of Angelina Jolie, who may be single-handedly responsible for the trend, and the process has obviously worked for her, along with Scarlett Johansson. There always seems to be one particular “it” lip girl at any given time, with the current one being Kylie Jenner (of Kardashian fame.)

Lip Service
With a number of women unable or unwilling to undergo surgical lip enhancement, there are some devices being advertised that promise to do the same thing, although temporarily. There are two natural ways to achieve full lips, with each providing results that continue to stay full for over two hours. One is Fullips Natural Lip Enhancer, and the other is the BioLips Lip Enhancer. What these devices do can be produced just as easily with a shot glass, which many fuller lip wannabes are going to for the look, before they apply lipstick and gloss. All of these work by basically cupping them over the lips and sucking in the air, so that the lips are consequently sucked back into the glass or device. You hold that position for 15-30 seconds, as needed, and the process can be repeated, up to 30 seconds at a time, till the desired fullness is achieved.

Variety of Augmentation Types
It’s important to know that none of the lip plumping you can get is permanent. And it may be that the longer you keep your plumper lips, the more you’ll need to, eventually, to avoid horribly sagging lips. The early forms of lip augmentation included fat injections and implants, and later collagen injections. All of these carried potential for serious or disappointing side effects. Newer augmentation is performed with Hyaluronic acid fillers which are injected instead of collagen, and are far safer and make for more natural looking results. They can be administered gradually, at successive appointments until the desired result is found. There is less bruising and swelling afterwards, less chance of allergic reaction and the results are long lasting.

Beautification That Works
As with any cosmetic surgery or effort, the point is to look better as a result. We all agree that there is something absolutely gorgeous about well-formed, plump lips, but as women everywhere are enlarging their lips, take a good look at you will quickly discover how much is too much. Some lips go from being pretty to looking pretty deformed. Hasn’t anyone spoken up? What mirror are they looking in? Less is More, and when it comes to lip enhancement, you can always go bigger.