Everyone knows that a good night’s rest will surely have you feeling and looking better in the morning than a late night out with friends, but did you know that there are 5 simple routines you can do each night before you go to bed to help you look and feel great in the morning? Try these routines each night and be on your way to a healthier and happier person.

Remove Makeup
This is probably the most obvious tip, but too often we get too lazy before bedtime and we remove most of our makeup, but not all of it. This is the important part, make sure you remove every last bit of makeup from your face. Leaving any amount of makeup on overnight can lead to clogged pores, acne, and other skin ailments. It will also keep gunk out of your eyes, which can lead to problems of their own.

Great Looking Hair
To help minimize hair damage while also reducing time spent on your hair in the morning, try putting in a leave-in conditioner or coconut oil before bed. This not only saves you time in the morning, but doing it before bed allows the conditioner or oil more time to work its way into your hair and cuticles overnight. If you like a curly look in the morning, try braiding your still-wet hair before going to sleep. This will give you great looking curls in the morning with little to no work. For tighter curls, use a tighter braid, and for looser waves, use a looser braid. It’s as simple as that!

Reduce Eye Puffiness
Try using a little extra lotion, cream, or eye treatment before bed. This will help reduce wrinkles and puffiness when you wake up in the morning. Another great trick to reduce those puffy, pesky bags under your eyes is to simply elevate your head while you sleep. Add an extra pillow and sleep with your head slightly above your shoulders. This will keep blood flowing and prevent it from building up in your face, which leads to puffy eyes and faces.

If you have dry skin, particularly in the winter months, try adding a humidifier in your bedroom, as addition to moisturizing your skin. This will work wonders for you and help prevent cracked and itchy skin. Not to mention, your sinuses will thank you year round!

Sleep Clean!
This last tip isn’t something most people think of, but its simple common sense. Change your sheets and pillowcases as often as possible. You don’t want to be sleeping on a bed of bacteria, right? This can be detrimental to your clean skin, so get in a routine and clean those linens! Make sure you use detergents and softeners that are free of any harmful chemicals – these “toxins” can dry your skin out from exposure night after night.

We would love to hear from you! What are some of your must-do before bed beauty routines?