It’s relatively safe to assume that when you take a drop-dead gorgeous mom and a hulking-handsome dad you’re going to end up with a stellar product, and this is typically the case with babies that emerge out of the hottest Hollywood unions. With so many A-listers popping out little ones, it isn’t easy to narrow the cuties down to any mentionable volume, but we might begin with the ones whose parents are obviously flaunting them out in the limelight, since those are the ones we’re seeing the most of. In all of the looking back that comes about during the winding up of another year, it’s time to take a peek at some of the most adorable children born to celebs in the most recent years.

North West
With the larger-than-life looks of both Mom and Dad–how could little North be anything but gorgeous? And she is, 24/7, as frequently shown across the Internet. Her nannies manage to take her out and about to an extensive list of destinations, and she is always absolutely dressed to a T– with beyond adorable little outfits that all seem to match her precious style. With those deep brown eyes of hers, she certainly won’t need any makeup to be a spectacular beauty, although with her lineage, she’ll surely rock the whole cosmetics scene, like nobody’s business. Mom Kim typically has North’s hair pulled back in a high ponytail, but she’s equally adorable when her tresses fall freely, with precious little ringlets cascading down in cherubic playfulness. North reveals her fascination with “Frozen,” in her carry-on accouterments bearing the movie’s depictions on various products.

Carmen Baldwin
Big sister to six-month-old brother Rafael Baldwin, Carmen Baldwin is gifted with that porcelain doll facial features and an equally demure look. The daughter of 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin, 57 and Extra correspondent Hilaria Baldwin, 31 certainly has all the beauty genes necessary to guarantee the looks, and she’s sure to grow into a real heartbreaker, as evidenced by her photos so far.

A Few More Mentionable Celeb Cuties

  • Harlow Madden son of Nicole Richie and her boyfriend Joel Madden Harlow debuted as one of the most adorable celeb kids ever in January 2008, and he’s still just as adorable as he grows.
  • Henry Driver, son of Minnie Driver may know who his dad is, but the rest of the world will just have to guess, as mom Minnie has kept the info secret ever since his birth in 2008. Adorable!
  • Dannielynn Birkhead looks eerily like her mom Anna Nicole Smith, and though she’ll never know her mom, dad Larry Birkhead is doing a fab job of parenting.
  • Sunday Urban was named by parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban reportedly in honor of the couple’s favorite day of the week.
  • Born to now divorced Kelly Rutherford and German businessman Daniel Giersch, Hermes Giersch is destined to produce a huge female following with his gorgeous looks.

When the Formula Goes Awry
There are, sadly some odd equations where you take two exceptionally beautiful celebs, put them together and wind up with “interesting looking” offspring. Most of these products of celeb unions even go on to enjoy somewhat sparsely populated big screen opportunities, and to be sure, these have only come about due to the sheer success of their parents and the connections they’ve made. For fans, it is difficult to understand how two people who are so attractive could possibly produce a kid that will not be relying on good looks for success. Thankfully, this is more often the exception, rather than the norm.