When it comes to long-term relationships, we can all agree that celebrities are not usually what we think of first. However, there are a few celebrity couples that have somehow managed to stand the test of time and to give all of us a bit of hope. When it comes to long-lasting love, we are sure that the following couples will make you rethink everything you know about celebrities.


1) David and Victoria Beckham


It was precisely this year that the Beckhams celebrated their 20th anniversary. Twenty years! Can you imagine? And all that while building an empire.

But back in the day, it was a Manchester soccer player and a Spice Girl, alone, against the world.

Who would have thought?

Somewhere along the line, they managed to become a role model in consistency and stability. They managed to stay together through thick and thin and to become the unofficial royals of the celebrity world.

They met in 1997, got married in 1999 and have been in love ever since. (Possibly ever since meeting in the first place.)

They have four children together – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper – and can regularly be seen supporting each other in various events.

The same thing could be said about their fashion choices and their relationship: they have always matched, and we hope they always will.

2) Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith


One of the most legendary couples in the business, Will and Jada are known for their lovely family and exceptional view on life.

It’s like they exude happiness everywhere they go.

Their relationship may seem to some as somewhat unconventional, as they are quite ready to talk about the ins and the outs of their marriage. They’ve stated numerous times that communication is key to their successful marriage. Will and Jada don’t even call themselves married – they refer to themselves as life partners.

Of course, during their marriage, there have been many rumors (mostly how they’re splitting up), but they managed to stay strong since 1995, when they started their relationship. They got married in December 1997, and this year, they’ll celebrate their 22nd anniversary.

They have two children together, Jaden and Willow, who are celebrities in their own right.  

Their love knows no bounds and they have helped us believe in love for the past 24 years.

3) Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Now, this relationship resembles more some Hollywood romantic tale than anything we’ve seen before.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have shared more than 30 years together, making them one of the most long-lasting couples in the industry.

They met in 1981, but were initially friends up until 1986. At the time, Hanks was still legally married to his college sweetheart, Samantha Lewis, but the couple was separated. After the finalization of his divorce in 1987, Hanks and Wilson married in April 1988.

And it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

The couple is known for the incredible love and support they provide each other. They have two children together, Chester and Truman Hanks.

They have survived some pretty tough times, with Wilson being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, but they managed to pull through and show us what love is all about!

4) Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber


Another power couple coming through!

The former supermodel Crawford met Gerber, who was just a regular model (hey, it’s hard reaching Cindy’s heights), at a wedding in 1991. However, then, they were both already in relationships with other people.

They reconnected in 1995, when their relationship started. They got married in 1998, and have been in a stable marriage ever since.

The couple has two children together, Presley and Kaia Gerber. And their kids are quite known models in their own rights.

With such parents, it’s no surprise that they would follow in their footsteps!

Let’s just hope one day they will find their soul mates, just like their parents managed to find.

5) Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

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Now, while the previous relationships sound too good to be true on paper, here’s a relationship that doesn’t seem “perfect” at all, but they still manage to work everything out together.

Catherine Zeta-Jones met 25-year older Michael Douglas in 1998. They got engaged in 1999 and married in 2000. Seems like steady progress, right?

Douglas himself revealed later that, not even an hour after meeting her, he had told Zeta-Jones that he would be the father of her children. And, true to his word, they ended up having two children, Dylan and Carys.

Well, when you know, you know.

However, their relationship was not without its rough patches. He was diagnosed with throat cancer, while she suffered from bipolar disorder. They even split in 2013 for eight months. In fact, as they said, they were “taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage.”

And work they did, since they reconciled in April 2014, and are now going as strong as ever.

6) Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

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Staples of the entertainment industry, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have been married for 37 years now, and, as it seems, they will remain together forever.

This is another relationship that was fraught with difficulties. Ozzy was notorious for his drug addiction and his affairs, which led to the couple separating in 2016, after his affair with his hairstylist, Michelle Pugh, came to light.

Ozzy blamed it on his sex addiction and the couple managed to work things out. They stayed married and it seems that they will remain married for quite some time, especially since Ozzy has been actively working on his addiction(s).

7) Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham


Together for 33 years, married for – none of those years!

Yes, Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham show us how it is possible to have a steady, long-lasting partnership without succumbing to the expectations of society.

(Well, they did get engaged in 1992, but never decided to get married. As Oprah said in an interview with Vogue, it simply “never came up.”)

But it’s kind of been smooth sailing for the two media personalities.

According to their (albeit succinct) mentions of their relationship throughout the years, they realized quite early on that the key to the longevity of a relationship is – support.

As Oprah and Stedman themselves have revealed, he wants her to succeed and she wants him to succeed, which is the basis for their relationship.

8) Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

For some, it’s about support, and for others, it’s about love for the things they have in common and working together.

They met on Broadway in 1991. Broderick was directing a play for the Naked Angels Theater Company, funded by Sarah’s brothers. They started dating at the beginning of 1992, but it wasn’t until 1997 that they would decide to get married.

The most significant day of their lives was somewhat unusual – namely, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black dress and none of the 100 guests knew they were there for their wedding.

Talk about an odd start!

But regardless of an odd start, their love remains one for the ages. The type that would make you burst into song. They have been loving each other for nearly thirty years, and have three children – James Wilkie, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge.

Sarah Jessica Parker gave birth to their first child at 37, and afterwards, it was difficult for them to conceive naturally, even though they tried. Modern science came to the rescue and they got their twin daughters via surrogacy.

Now their lives are considered truly perfect.

9) Meryl Streep and Don Gummer


Now this is truly one for the books.

The pair met in 1978, after Meryl’s then boyfriend, actor John Cazale, died of cancer.

Meryl had been living with Cazale and when she was moving out after his death, her brother helped her and brought his friend – Don Gummer. Gummer proved to be a gentleman – he let her stay at his own apartment while he traveled.

When he came home, she just…stayed there.

They got married six months later.

And their relationship has been solid since. With their four children – Henry, Mamie, Grace and Louisa – they managed to build a stable and loving relationship for everyone to admire.

10) Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn


The fame of these actors has lasted for decades, much like their relationship.

They met while filming a Disney movie in 1966, when Russell was only 16 and Hawn 21. Of course, nothing happened until much later.

About 17 years later, they met once again, on the set of Swing Shift. Russell used a cheesy pickup line and the rest is history.

At that point, both of them had already been married. (In fact, Goldie Hawn had been married twice!) It was then, quite possibly, that they decided that marriage simply was not for them. They would continue on their journey together, but they would not get married.

It’s as simple as that.

A few years later, they welcomed the birth of their son, Wyatt.

Even though they simply chose not to get married, their relationship is still going strong, 36 years later.

The Shortest Marriages in the Business

While we’ve seen some relationships that have lasted for decades, there are those that are on the completely other end of the spectrum. As in, those relationships lasted mere days (hours even).

But, as luck would have it, celebrities are not above admitting when they’re wrong and correcting their mistakes.

It’s just that their mistakes remain written in stone.

Here are some of the shortest celebrity marriages to date:

1) Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Now, before getting married, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock had a relationship that went on for years (well, in an on-again, off-again way). So, when they decided to tie the tumultuous knot, everyone was not even surprised. The festive event happened in November 2006.

But their rock ‘n’ roll fairytale lasted only 122 days and then, it was time for our love birds to find their own way. They both filed divorce papers.

Pamela, however, deserves to be on this list for another, even shorter marriage. Namely, our favorite Baywatch gal married Rick Solomon in Las Vegas (surprising, isn’t it?). However, this time, it was Pamela herself that filed the divorce papers about two months later.

2) Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Now, everyone knows Kim Kardashian for many things, including for being (happily, might we add) married to rapper Kanye West (and the lavish wedding of the powerful duo). But, before that, she had a less than successful marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries.

The marriage was a grand affair, costing about 10 million dollars. It was even a part of a two-day E! special, “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.” The first night, it had 4.4 million viewers and 4 million the second night.

However, after only 72 days of marriage, Kim filed for divorce. The divorce proceedings lasted much longer than the marriage – for over a year.

3) Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

What is it that we can expect from these two staples of the nineties? Just so no one forgets, we’re here to remind you – the infamous Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra actually tied the knot in a lovely ceremony.

Can you guess where?

Vegas, of course!

Basically, more than two decades ago, they had an impromptu wedding at the wedding capital of the world. They claimed to be in love and that their marriage was real. However, that idyll lasted for whole 9 (nine!) days, ending in both of them filing for annulment.

Honorable mention: Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

Even before marrying Kevin Federline, Britney had another infamous wedding.

How could we forget her glorious Vegas (yes, Vegas strikes again!) wedding to her childhood friend that only lasted 55 hours?

The marriage made a ripple throughout the world in 2004, but 15 years later, not many remember this jewel.

After all, a mere 55 hours passed before the marriage was annulled. But our memory will treasure this marriage forever as one of the biggest shocks of the 21st century.