Social media influencers have really been having their moment lately, and E!’s new docu-series, Relatively Nat & Liv, is proof of that. The show follows cousins and social media influencers Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson as they juggle their busy lives, featuring their close network of friends and family too.

Whether you are a huge Nat and Liv fan, or have never watched the show before, here are ten things that you should know about Relatively Nat & Liv: 


Nat and Liv has been pretty successful so far, but this is not the first time that the girls have been on television…

If you ever watched WAGS LA, then you probably recognize both Nat and Liv from there.

Okay, so the show was not the greatest, with many of its scenes being highly staged. In fact, it was canned after just three seasons, but still managed to attract a good following of loyal fans. 

On WAGS LA, both Nat and Liv tended to be at the center of most of the drama that went on, usually playing the role of the antagonists. However, while it would seem as though there was plenty of exciting action on the show, both Nat and Liv found it a very difficult one to film. 


Because they both consider themselves to be quite progressive, and do not agree with the hierarchy that takes place in the WAG lifestyle. 

Did you know that there is another Relatively Nat & Liv cast member who also appeared on WAGS LA?

It was Liv’s younger sister, Sophia Pierson, who made her appearance in the second season of the show in 2016. While Sophia is not one of the main cast members of Relatively Nat & Liv, she is still featured quite a bit. 

2) The Cousins Have Always Been Close

While some people are often brought together solely because of a new reality show, Nat and Liv have always been close. Since the two of them are cousins, they spent quite a bit of time together when growing up. They have always considered each other to be their best friend, and their families are extremely close too. 

The cousins have plenty in common, but also consider themselves to be opposites in some ways…

They both agree that Nat is better with the creative side of things, while Liv is the one with the business brain. This is what has helped the two of them reach the success that they have, since their strengths complement each other perfectly. 

Wondering if the two of them ever fight about business? 

This is a question that so many fans ask the cousins. After all, isn’t it common knowledge that it is a bad idea to go into business with family or friends? 

Well, definitely not in the case of Nat and Liv!

The two of them have always gotten on so well, and do not remember ever fighting with each other. While they fight plenty with other members of their families, the bond between the two cousins remains untarnished. 


Ever wondered how social media influencers make their money? 

It turns out that this career path is extremely lucrative…

While both Nat and Liv have been accused in the past of being secret escorts, in order to fund their lavish lifestyle, the two are able to make enough money to cover this without resorting to anything seedy. Nat used to work as a makeup artist, with Liv employed as her assistant. However, they soon realized the potential that paid social media posts could bring, and it was not long before they were being paid for their blog, YouTube and Instagram posts. 

Each sponsored post could bring in somewhere between $15,000 to $20,000, meaning that the cousins have amounted quite the fortune over the years. 

They have collaborated with several exciting brands, including: 

  • Lilly Lashes 
  • OROGOLD Cosmetics 
  • SugarBear Hair 
  • Guess
  • SkinnyMint Detox Tea

The two of them were delighted when they were able to quit their full time jobs and focus on growing their following as social media influencers, and the decision definitely seems to have paid off well. 


Love Nat and Liv’s style? 

If so, you will be pleased to know that Nat and Liv now have their own clothing line! The cousins collaborated with Comino Couture to produce a collection consisting of eight distinct pieces. With soft colors, vibrant floral prints and a quirky, bohemian touch, this is a collection that most Relatively Nat & Liv fans will be able to get behind. 

Wondering what the eight pieces in the collection actually are? 

You will find everything from a floral plunge tiered dress to a matching crop top and maxi skirt to a ruffled maxi dress, giving you plenty of variety to choose from. 

The debut fashion show for the clothing line was filmed for Relatively Nat & Liv, so you will be able to see the pieces, along with their immediate success, for yourself.

If all of that was not enough…

Nat and Liv have also recently partnered with PERVERSE to create a capsule sunglasses collection. There are four designs in total in the collection, and each one represents Nat and Liv perfectly. 

The sunglasses primarily feature silver hardware, and while there may be some crystal accents in there too, the overall aesthetic is very minimal and neutral, making the designs easily wearable.

Wondering if the sunglasses are designed solely for women? 

No, they actually have a unisex pair too! This one is known as JEROME – they are large glasses that cover a large portion of the face, making it a go-to pair for celebrities who are trying to hide from the paparazzi! 


While Nat and Liv are obviously both the main stars of Relatively Nat & Liv, the show features quite a few of their friends and family as cast members too. This is something that the cousins always wanted. After all, the more diverse your cast is, the wider the audience that you will appeal to, since more people will find a cast member that they can relate to. 

However, convincing some of their family members to appear on the show was not as easy as the girls originally thought it would be…

While the majority of the cast were happy to appear in front of the camera, both Nat and Liv’s parents were a little more hesitant. Fortunately, they ended up agreeing to star in the show, and are now featured in some of the show’s finest moments. 


Vancouver is where the majority of Relatively Nat & Liv is filmed. After all, this is where the cousins first began working as makeup artists, while also waiting tables at the same time. Vancouver is also where the families live, and is the place that Nat and Liv go when they want some down time. 

When watching the show, it would seem as though Nat and Liv spend quite a bit of time in Vancouver. In fact, they claim to split their time roughly 50/50 between Vancouver and Los Angeles. 

However, this is not quite true…

The cousins actually spend far more time in Los Angeles than Vancouver. They admit that they only really go back to Vancouver during the holidays. When they began filming Relatively Nat & Liv, that was the first time the girls had spent a significant amount of time in Vancouver since they first moved to L.A. 

Of course, with such busy L.A lives to manage, it is easy to see why the cousins find it difficult to carve out enough time for rest and relaxation. 


It may seem as though Relatively Nat & Liv was quite an impulsive show, possibly brought about as a way to capitalize on Nat and Liv’s roles on WAGS LA. 

However, the cousins have been planning their show for quite a while now…

In fact, both say that they first had the idea for a show, in which the two of them were stars, around ten years ago. They even placed this goal onto a vision board, waiting for the day when they could turn this dream into a reality. 

Their chance came after they gained some fame from WAGS LA, with Relatively Nat & Liv being the perfect way to showcase the girls’ true personality. 


Ever heard of JEROME

It’s the blog that Nat and Liv both run, and it has been rapidly growing in popularity. 

The blog features both a fashion and a beauty segment, with the cousins using the blog as a way to share their different clothing and makeup looks with their fans. From photoshoots and runway shows to hair tutorials and cosmetic treatments, so much of Nat and Liv’s lives can be seen on their blog. 

The blog also has a personal section that showcases what Nat and Liv have been up to.


Do you follow Nat and Liv on Instagram? 

It may seem as though the girls have had their Instagram accounts since forever, but this is not the case at all. Although the cousins consider themselves to be one of the original social media influencers, they used to think that Instagram was quite narcissistic. 

Of course, this was way back in the day, around 2013, and they used to share this opinion with everyone that would ask whether or not the girls had an Instagram account. However, soon after, Natalie’s long distance boyfriend of the time opened an Instagram account. In order to see what her boyfriend was up to each day, Natalie signed up too. She quickly realized that Instagram was not the narcissistic platform she thought it was. Instead, it was a place where people could be creative and artistic. 

Unlike many of the others at the time, both Nat and Liv placed a huge amount of focus on keeping their Instagram accounts aesthetically pleasing, paying close attention to their overall grid. The tutorials and tips that they were posting were also pretty unique to them, and it was not long before people noticed. 

Now, the cousins have millions of followers each on Instagram, with this following only continuing to grow each day. 


It was back when Nat and Liv were filming for the third season of WAGS LA that people started noticing the cousins appearing on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account. 

Turns out, the three of them are very close friends! 

From making an appearance at Kanye West’s events to attending Kim’s recent baby shower to featuring in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the girls have been getting much closer to Kim over the years. 

Both Nat and Liv are quick to gush about how supportive Kim has been when it comes to their show. Since Kim also stars in a reality show that features her large family, they all have quite a bit in common. When filming gets hectic for Nat and Liv, Kim is quick to provide a few words of wisdom, as she understands exactly what they are going through. 

Kim herself appreciates the friendship too, loving how much fun she can have, and how she can truly be herself, when she spends time with the cousins. 

Nat and Liv are known for their bubbly and vivacious personalities, as well as for their style, business sense and stunning natural beauty. If you have not yet watched Relatively Nat & Liv yet, the show is definitely worth catching up on, even if you are not usually a fan of reality shows!