Kendall Jenner has become quite the trendsetter in the fashion world – not only when the model is strutting down a runway, but also when it comes to her laid-back street style. 

Looking for some fashion inspiration? 

Here are eight OOTDs inspired by Kendall Jenner herself: 

1) Reversed and Cropped

Kendall is often seen out and about in a crop top, with her beautifully flat stomach out on display. 

The model has rocked numerous stylish cropped looks, but really steals the show when she pairs them with her favorite reversed jeans. 

Wondering what reversed jeans are? 

They’re basically jeans that look as though they are inside out. This may seem a little strange, but it really does work! 

The pair that Jenner is pictured wearing was created by designer Olivia Oblanc, a recent Parson’s graduate, and is known as the Unisex Double Front Frayed Jeans. 

This piece of unconventional denim actually consists of two individual pairs of jeans that have been upcycled into this hybrid style.  

They work so well with the pink cardigan that Jenner pairs them with, as the cardigan brings a touch of elegance to an otherwise casual look. 

Of course, as you probably already know, when you find a piece of clothing that you absolutely love, you want to wear it all the time. 

Well, Kendall clearly loves these jeans, as she has been photographed in them quite a few times now. However, she always tends to wear them with a crop top, with the jeans accentuating her narrow waist perfectly. 

Love this look but don’t own any reversed jeans?

While you may not want to invest in a pair of reversed jeans for yourself (after all, who knows how long this trend will last), you can still have fun with the crop top and jeans combination. 

The key is to make sure that your jeans are not too tight, as you want the outfit to remain casual. 

2) Fun and Flirty

Kendall Jenner has quite an athletic body type, and, if yours is the same, you may want to consider checking out the Rouen Dress from The Reformation.

As you can see, thanks to its fitted bodice and its flared skirt, this dress is ideal for adding some shape and curves to a straighter body, instantly giving off a much more feminine vibe. 

The dress is available in two colors (Black and Bengal), and features adjustable straps, so that you can ensure that it fits your body perfectly. 

Jenner paired her Rouen Dress with The Milla 60 Boot from Stuart Weitzman, but the dress is pretty versatile when it comes to the different footwear options you can wear with it. If you do not want to wear knee-high boots, here are a few other options: 

    • Gladiator sandals
    • Ballet pumps
    • Sneakers 
    • Strappy heeled sandals 
    • Ankle boots

3) Some Snakeskin to Amp Things Up

What do you do when you need to dress up an otherwise casual outfit?

Add in some snakeskin boots, of course! 

The yellow snakeskin boots pictured above come from Paris Texas, although just about any color and pattern of boot would work well with a look such as this. 

Kendall tucked her voluminous, elasticated burnt orange pants into the boots, creating quite a dramatic silhouette. 

She then paired this with the simplest of white tank tops, with a high neck that made the outfit even more chic. 

Jenner kept her accessories simple, opting for two gold coin necklaces of different lengths, which helps to break up the white of her top. 

Just about everyone has some knee-high boots in their wardrobe, meaning that this is a look you can experiment with right now. If your boots are more subdued in color than Jenner’s yellow snakeskin pair, try wearing a top with a bit more diversity, whether this may be in terms of color, pattern or cut, as you need at least one part of your outfit to really make a statement. 

Wondering where Kendall’s pants are from? 

They’re from Y/Project. They are actually a cropped style, which you cannot really see from the way in which Kendall styled them, but this makes them even more versatile when it comes to using them to create different outfits. 

4) Sleek and Slender

When it comes to figure-hugging bodycon dresses, these are usually seen on Kendall’s sisters, such as Kim and Kylie, rather than on Kendall herself. The model usually prefers a more toned down look, but, when she does decide to turn up the volume, she always manages to pull every outfit off so well. 

This midi dress from Bec and Bridge flatters Kendall’s body, but in a way that still makes the dress suitable for daytime wear. 

Its square neckline elongates the body, and this is helped by Kendall’s footwear choice – the silver Gilda Hologram Sandals from Amina Muaddi. 

Kendall clearly chose her accessories quite carefully for this look…

Her gold drop earrings, which come from Eshvi, are really highlighted by the color of her dress, while the chain detailing on her bag strap adds some texture to the overall look. 

Of course, now that fall is almost here, you will probably need a bit more coverage if you wanted to pull off a dress like this…

Wondering what outerwear would work with this dress? 

Try a cropped jacket, as this will allow the dress to still show off your waist. 

Love Kendall’s sunglasses? 

They’re a must for any celebrity out there. These come from  Velvet Canyon, and are the Zou Bisou sunglasses. 

5) Head-to-Toe Denim

Love denim?

Well, if you have never worn a head-to-toe denim outfit, here is some inspiration from Kendall Jenner herself. 

Let’s begin by taking a look at the jeggings…

Yes, that’s right, they’re jeggings rather than jeans, meaning that they are made from a stretchy fabric that will really hug all of your curves. These jeggings come from American Eagle, and, if you decide to purchase a pair for yourself, you also have the option of adding on a custom patch to one of the back pockets. 

With the jeggings being so fitted, the peplum crop top that Jenner paired them with was the perfect choice. 

Its flared nature adds some shape and dimension to the look. It also provides some extra texture, which is needed when you are going with an all-denim look. 

You are probably thinking…

That’s only two pieces of denim, it doesn’t really count as head-to-toe! 

Well, Kendall actually also topped this look with a denim jacket, and, as you can see from the photo above, her bag is made from a similar wash of denim too. 

If you look at the photo even closer, you may spot one final denim piece in this look…

Can’t see it? 

Take a look at the denim scrunchie that is holding Kendall’s hair up. This also comes from American Eagle, with the scrunchie trend being seen on quite a few celebrities lately. 

The entire outfit that Kendall is wearing is actually surprisingly affordable, coming to a grand total of under $150. 

Want to give the head-to-toe denim look a try? 

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the same shade and wash, but you will definitely need to make sure that the pieces you choose are contrasting when it comes to silhouette and volume. Picking the wrong pieces will only make you look washed out. 

Try to ensure that your outfit highlights your curves in some way, and, if you feel daring, show a bit of skin somewhere to break up the denim a bit. 

6) Ruffled Sleeves

As mentioned earlier, ruffles are a great detail for those with an athletic body type to wear, as they add shape and volume. 

Kendall clearly knows this, as ruffles are something that the model tends to favor. 

In this case, her Ruffle Printed Bodice Crop Top, which is made by Paris Georgia, features an off-shoulder design, leaving the model’s top half bare. 

This then contrasts with the ruffles that begin halfway down the arms, with a subtle pattern providing some extra interest. 

Ok, so this top may seem a little “out there” to some, but Kendall keeps it wearable by pairing it with a pair of high waisted jeans. 

Want to give something like this a try? 

The reason that Kendall’s outfit works so well is because of the placement of the ruffles, as well as the off-shoulder neckline. Both of these add a feminine quality to the outfit, and this is balanced perfectly by the toned down jeans. 

Remember, balance in an outfit is key – if you are going to go for ruffles on top, keep things simple everywhere else. 

7) Zebra Print and Leather

Zebra print has been extremely trendy this year, with everyone from Bella Hadid to Hailey Baldwin having been spotted in this pattern. 

Well, add Kendall Jenner to that list too, because the model has recently been seen in several different zebra print pieces. 

One of her finest outfits? 

Her zebra print blouse from Reformation, which is officially known as the Dallas top, which was paired with some leather pants. Although the pants were definitely attention-grabbing, it was the zebra print top that really stood out. With its sweetheart neckline, ruched sleeves and slightly voluminous shoulders, this top gave Jenner a stunning silhouette. 

Kendall wore this outfit to the 2019 Met Gala, adding in a few stylish accessories too: 

    • A micro bag, also featuring a zebra print, from By Far
    • Black flip flops from Michael Kors 
    • Small black sunglasses

The black and white outfit was definitely a striking one, and there is so much inspiration you could take from this…

You could try going down the black and white route too. 

If you decide to do this, try adding in a variety of patterns and textures, just like how Kendall has done with the leather and the zebra print. This will keep your black and white color palette looking contemporary and edgy. 

Alternatively, you could have fun with the zebra print trend, seeing what else is out there in terms of clothing styles. Whether you go for a top, a dress, or some zebra print accessories, this is such a fun pattern to incorporate into an outfit. 

8) Sporty But Smart

Got tickets to a tennis match but don’t know what to wear? 

Ok, so that scenario might not be applicable to everyone, but, if you ever feel the need to look sporty yet smart, Kendall Jenner will show you exactly how to do that. 

Kendall attended the Wimbledon Men’s Final in London this summer, and definitely managed to dress the part. 

Her crisp white shorts, as well as her classic blue shirt, both came from Ralph Lauren. Jenner tucked her shirt into her shorts, giving her a neat and sleek silhouette. 

She kept things casual when it came to her footwear, opting for some white sneakers from Adidas. 

Of course, everybody needs some luxury in an outfit, and Kendall did this with her accessories…

Her white shoulder bag, which worked so well in bringing the entire outfit together, can be found at Prada, while those stylish black sunglasses are by Carolina Lemke. 

Wondering how to make this style your own? 

You probably already have enough items in your wardrobe to be able to experiment with this look. 

Simply find a pair of fitted shorts and try tucking in different shirts and blouses. The outfit may seem a little plain, but once you add in the right accessories, it will end up looking much more cohesive. 

Kendall Jenner is definitely a huge inspiration for many when it comes to fashion, and it is easy to see why. From laid-back, down-to-earth looks to tight, figure-hugging outfits, Kendall really manages to pull off just about everything she chooses to wear.