It was truly only a matter of time before technology would proliferate over into the clothing we wear, and of all the different types we dress, it is probably our workout wear that could benefit the most from all that progressive technology could provide. And its time has come, so now not only will your workout wear make you look good at the gym, but it will enhance your workout, and eventually pay off, in making you look fantastic even when not at the gym, and while wearing that little black dress or new tight fitting jeans. Here are some of the hottest (or coolest, take your pick,) techno devices you can add to your fitness regimen, for the best workout advantage possible:

  • Adidas miCoach Sports Bra, $54.95: The band of this sports bra has a small transmitter that monitors your heart rate and can allow you to download a lot of informative data about your workout. It is compatible with several devices, like your Smartphone or cardio equipment, and will send that data to whichever one you have established to receive it.
  • While it’s engineered for workouts, the Lululemon Swiftly T-Shirt, $58 may become THE chosen fabric for date night and more, as it uses silverescent technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that is known to produce odors. It doesn’t necessarily exceed the ability of a standard tee for wicking away moisture, but it keeps you smelling great while you sweat. What a great way t sustain that fresh feeling–no matter what you are doing! And they come in some pretty color choices, too!
  • Athos Capris, $99: Require a one-time purchase of Athos Core for $199. Athos Core is a device that translates data received by built-in sensors in your capris and sends it to your smartphone. These pants can provide you with a lot of helpful info, like reading your muscle activity, track your heart rate, monitor your breathing levels and a lot more. It uses Bluetooth technology to work in conjunction with your phone. It’s like having your own personal trainer right inside of your body. Will show you if you are doing an exercise improperly or help you target specific muscle groups.
  • Funktional Wearables Tory Fitbit Bracelet, $39.99, (plus $99 FitBit) One of the neatest things about this bracelet is that it is very fashionable and trendy looking, so you can wear it straight from your workout to an evening out on the town. You can get it in silver or gold, and whether you are running errands, playing tennis or at a dinner party, this lovely accessory will effectively track your steps, caloric burning and tell you how far you are going all at the same time. And only someone who has their own identical bracelet will know. Can work even with a layer of clothing between you and the bracelet?