With all of the holiday commotion far from being subdued, it may seem a bit ill-timed to broach the subject of spring fashions right now, but this brings to light just another aspect of effective and efficient parenting. It’s well advised to never lose sight of what’s to come, in terms of being on target as a parent who aspires to take advantage of every opportunity to provide their children with the best. Winter holidays may seem to have nothing in common with spring, but more than one savvy parent (and especially those adoring grandparents) are opting to include some fun and trendy wearables in with the gift mix of the holidays. No, this does not mean that any poor toddlers will be going without the fun of toys as gifts, but it does mean that the little ones who will be hitting the toddler mark with the advent of Spring 2016 will be dressed for it.

Particular Attributes That Offer Premium Toddler Styles
According to the standard pediatric growth charts, babies become toddlers when they start to walk, and continue to be included in the group until they hit the age of 4 years. For most of the non-medical community, by the time children reach 3 plus years of age, their eligibility to be toddlers wraps up. Much similar to special considerations in selecting clothing for infants and babies, there are certain elements to offer superior ways of dressing toddlers. Look for styles that offer unrestricted movement, being minimally structured and soft. Onesies that remain ungathered from the shoulder to the ankles and wrists are ideal, especially for toddlers who are still wearing diapers. Hold off on collars that don’t lay flat or could be binding or restrictive. While it may seem an obvious design need, not all clothing for toddlers provides easy access for diaper changes. Look for leg openings with snaps.

Clothing to Support the Autonomous Toddler
The toddler years are the time when, among other tasks, little ones discover how to dress themselves. You can help prevent frustration and further their feelings of accomplishment by providing the design elements that are easiest for little hands to manipulate. While decorative design is always a plus, search out truly functional designs for on-the-move little ones that will support and won’t interfere with typical toddler movement, like shoulder straps that criss-cross at the back so they won’t slide off shoulders. Some tops feature tabs on the shoulders to secure straps. Look for laundering directions, in an effort to buy clothing that is breathable, non-irritating, wrinkle-resistant and simple. Those little numbers with a lot of details like buttons, gathers, pleats, straps, belts and waist ties are cute and wonderful for portrait day, but they can be nothing but trouble for a busy toddler.

Layer till Summer
With the somewhat unpredictable temperature variations of spring, your best bet is to layer your toddler’s clothing, just like you might for yourself. You could begin with a lightweight short-sleeved legless onesie that snaps in the crotch. Follow with some medium weight pants, a long sleeved knit shirt or onesie. Next, a soft flannel shirt or a comfy, roomy hoodie/sweatshirt. Slip those little piggie toes into some adequate socks before putting on those boots or sneakers, and make sure you remember to pack a bunting, type of go-to, so you’ll never be without some quick all-over protection, in case the temps decide to drop. There is a company, Zutano, that offers some fun and cozy hooded rompers that are ideal for one-move covering up in a hurry. Their clothing designs are roomy and feature numerous fun prints, color blocks and stripes that are wonderfully interchangeable, being produced all from a large range of the same color tones.

Giggle Moon
Giggle Moon designs are wildly fun and playfully creative. A real favorite among the dress up and party-minded girly girl creations that enjoy offering tons of femininity from expert craftsmanship that provides long lasting outfits. Tons of fun and fine detailing, funky to frilly trims and ruffles make all their 100% cotton knits stretch just enough. Supremely easy to care for! Guaranteed wardrobing fun!

Jelly the Pug
With a little retro and a lot of fun, this label for girly clothing is big on ruffles–love the ruffled pants and all the innovative mixes of surprising print combos that never fail to delight and impress. More than clothes–every Jelly the Pug creation is an adventure in delight. For parties, portraits and fancy tea parties, overflowing with print topics like air balloons, Asian dolls, birds, elephants, geometric to retro flower patterns and all in fascinating color configurations. Created in both woven and knit designs for easy care and worry free wear.

Me Too Clothing
Super fun Danish designs for toddlers featuring reasonably priced bright and abundant colorful designs.

See Kai Run
This pediatrician-recommended brand of delightfully designed handcrafted footwear features soft, ultra-flexible rubber soles, butter soft leather and a wider toe box. Padded collars, adjustable velcro closures and breathable leather are yours, with these precious shoes for your toddler. Specifically designed for top support to the pre-walker and the new walker. Ideal protection with flexibility and cushiony insoles, these little shoes are equally soft and durable.

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