The eyes have always been referred to as the windows of the soul, and this being the case, you certainly would not ever want to be accused of shabbily framing your soul’s one and only entry portal, now, would you? The good news is that you don’t have to, with so many absolutely adorable choices for not only framing the windows to your insides, but even more importantly, for securely holding the view-perfecter through which you perceive the world at large. While at one time, making sure the frames holding your glasses came with a requirement of all-thick, either black, brown or tortoise shell, plastic, metal or a combo of both–but it was guaranteed slim pickin’s, when it came to styling capabilities for lens-holding frames.

From Sympathy to Envy
For so very many years, and because of a rather pathetic range of options forced by a variety of manufacturing limitations for frame providers, glasses were regarded as mostly face-obscuring and a prescription for glasses was regarded more or less as a sentence for a type of facial imprisonment for life. It was during these early years when the terminology “Seeing-eye glasses” evolved, and if used today, this phrase would help to differentiate between glasses made to actually improve the wearer’s vision, and those mass produced with nothing but plain glass for lenses. Why? Because there are so many fab frames styles from which to choose, that even fashionistas who are not in possession of a prescription are wanting to get in on the action.

Christian Dior Frames
With an ever-keen “eye” affixed to the pulse of fashion at its finest, Dior-styled eyewear for 2016 is all about geometrically-smooth frames with sophisticated lines moving far away from an earlier rather miserly space allotment for lenses. These frames are voluminous, distinguished and all-original. Whether you’re shopping for vision enhancing eyewear or sun-shielding formulations, in Dior-designed frames, find elegance and charm among a vast array of colors and tonal combos. Some include richly appointed ornamentation.

Among the most impressive styles that are trending, are the Gucci-themed Havana Square-Framed glasses frames. When your frames are Gucci, you get generously-sized with the most distinction from the most wondrous array of unique colors and tone combos.

Burberry by Luxottica
Color combos and pattern effervescence simply do not get better than this. These frames are undeniably simultaneously decadent, idiosyncratic and telling of the higher societal prominence of any wearer. Just because.

Calvin Klein by Marchon
With a vast design array, these styles are at the same time not for everyone and offering something for everyone. Go big, go demure or go to another style within CK brilliance.