With the recent return of the granny-panty, somebody should have seen the inevitable coming of the newest trend in women’s pants and jeans: the high waist. Affectionately referred to (by those who are initially antagonists,) as “Mom” jeans and pants, the restored waistline is popping up everywhere – in boyfriend cuts, skinny jeans, flared leg and boot cuts. While the first public response was more of a “What the?,” women everywhere are reporting that the way these pants fit makes wearing them a wonderful experience. And they always were, and still are, extremely figure flattering, when it comes to the feminine shape. Yes, ladies, this new waistline looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so go ahead and exchange some worthwhile cash for one pair or several–you’ll be in forward-fashion style!

A Timeless Fit That Can Only Flatter the Female Form
The high waisted pants you will find in the stores for fall 2015 promise to be the most gorgeous, ever, with super tight fits that accentuate your curves in all the right places, while creating a semi-retro urban form of nouveau-chic that gives the female form the perfect silhouette. The raised waist looks its best with shirts and tops tucked in, however, they pair beautifully with crop tops, especially when a little support might be needed in the tummy area after a big meal. They nicely serve to secure and hide any extra measure of midriff you may desire to keep private.

High Waist Takeover
While anyone keeping up with all the changing trends in fashion might be persuaded to believe that the once popular high waisted women’s pants were finally and forever relegated to the annals of history, they thought wrong. Now that they’re back, they are more popular than ever. and taking first place swiftly away from what were considered to be classic cuts. Women (and their men, haha,) like them! They visually elongate your legs, and actually exude a more professional look than all the other cuts, especially when shirttails are nicely tucked in. And while the high waist is beautifying women’s slacks, don’t forget that they’re every bit as flattering in the form of women’s shorts, as well.

Nice Pairings
High waisted slacks look great with simple, more tailored jackets and heels – yes, that’s right – stay away from flats with these pants. Heels or platforms add just the right styling to these elongated pants. They go well with narrow tees and knits. They add nice curves where there are none, and enhance the ones you have. The perfect pants are back.