With the new year poised to burst forth with a level of design innovations, the home decor world is going to be taken to the next level–no, this year’s designs surely move home looks ahead in a clever menagerie of levels. There are so many obvious contributions by truly game-changing style and technology that it will be difficult to preserve much of your home’s current decor–once you get a load of the obvious move in how we’re going to be approaching home design from here on out. There are already quite a few impressive trends already in the making that are set to become staples, with others that will surely morph out and beyond, from these 2016 starts. With a quiet blend of classic, timeless style that spans all the way into solid and dramatic paradigm-shifting designs based on new ways in which we will be living–there’s a lot to be excited about.

You’re going to see a lot of this trend in 2016–and just the name alone sounds intriguing, as surely the ideal home environment hopes to offer a form of escape for those who live there–where they can get away from the cares of the modern world and find a home oasis. And what better way to create an oasis than by purposefully setting the decor to portray a vivid distinction, separating the environment from the rest of the world by special furniture, placement and visual motifs that are powerfully transportive? Lots of emotional release in a landscape design of majestic aquatic and mountainous ambiance, with azure blue and white cloud skies, icebergs and orange-mauve-pink skylines. All about warmth and the colors that give you the most gratifying experience for at home times. Much of these scenic effects will be imported by way of pillows and wall art, with many suppliers now responding to the demand for customer-defined colors and other aspects selected at the time of order.

This trend for 2016 home decorating features an exotic muted palette of interesting greens, blues, grays, violets and touches of pale, pastel pinks that create an immediate longing for escape to faraway Nordic shorelines. Landscapes that extend in vast spreads of icy and somewhat treacherous terrains mark a distinct departure from the world on the other side of the door. With the inclusion of more ethereal ambiance from either direct or implied imagery, think of icy, snow lands surrounded by majestic flotillas of icebergs, with all their dimensions of blue impenetrable unknown territory. Layered blues that beckon and inspire will serve to unify living spaces, imparting a unique sense of “getaway. Wonderland embraces nature on every level, much of the vast space, still to be inhabited by humankind, thus all the more intriguing.

Blending high contrasting geometrics with the formless quality of hand drawn botanicals. Think brush strokes that combine the visual impact of all types of painted imagery. Obvious painterly touches will integrate both upholstered and solid surfaces. Look for monograms, metallic touches in an interior environment that is all about the precise statement of each color introduced to the mix. A solid feature of painterly is its conveyance of the timeless beauty found in work by the great impressionists, involving the relationship between water and florals, with lighter, brighter effects than other styles aimed at celebrating more urban chic.

With its subtle seductiveness, 2016 welcomes the integration of Pantone’s “color of the year,” Marsala, on a massive scale for interiorscapes, in every degree from practically monochromatic to being purposefully interspersed. You’ll see it in a variety of finishes–from flat to textured, and from matte to full blown gloss–marsala goes marvelously with neutrals that include a volume of greys and taupes, in addition to the much warmer tones of gold, golden yellows, umber and amber. Also a flattering partner to teals and turquoise, just to mention some of its best blue pairings. This highly versatile color will dominate the interior landscape of 2016.