Everyone it seems, wants the perfect body–to be able to just wake up one morning with athlete’s abs, athlete’s arms and athlete’s legs, right? But what about Athlete’s Foot? Does the buck stop at the ankle area, or is there a reason for the rejection of Athlete’s Foot? Well, chances are that you can answer this question fairly promptly, either from firsthand experience or from some TV commercial or magazine ad for a product to cure it.

Keep Your Feet Healthy in “Best Foot Forward” Fashion
Yes, Athlete’s Foot does not have anything to do with musculature: in fact it is an unpleasant fungal infection that you do not want to experience if you can avoid it. The main preventative of Athlete’s Foot is to wear socks. Keeping the feet free of bacteria and perspiration is one of the keys to avoiding all sorts of foot problems such as athlete’s foot, blisters, and a whole host of others. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have always refused to slip socks in between their feet and their shoes or the environment. Chances are, they haven’t had a look at the newest trends in socks that rock the fashion market.

The Popularization of Socks With Sandals
In Women’s socks, it has become really big to pair socks with sandals, and for all types of occasions from dressy to casual.  You should expect to see at least one sexy little black dress with some statement type socks and Stilettos before long. Socks start at the monochromatic, ankle length level and proceed upward in different heights and with different designs and embellishments. Would you wear socks that are fringed? They’re out there, if you so choose.

More Flash, and a Better Liked Christmas Gift, After All!
Socks are often the most undervalued accessory of all, but the new designs are surely to change this thinking soon. From ribbed to glittered, from patterned to tie-died, today’s socks are bolder, brighter and more fun than ever.

Men Lead the Sock Trend
It turns out that men have been the greatest force in the resurgence of the popularity of socks today. Of course, with 73% of men wearing socks practically every day, they are going to buy more socks than women, who rate around 41% as being sock-clad with the same frequency. And as socks continue to shine as another venue for personal expression and even whimsy, their sales will only increase over time.