I think that most women would agree that high heels look good. The problem is with the comfort in wearing them. As I have found out, some high heels can hurt so badly after just a few minutes of wearing them, and I’m not only talking about 6-inch stilettoes. Regardless of the heel height, if you’re not wearing your high heels correctly, you will feel immense pain and probably not want to wear them again.black heels

But don’t hate high heels just yet! I’ve been wearing them for years and through this time I’ve come up with some techniques that truly help keep your feet comfortable even when wearing high heels for a long time.

From Buying to Walking

The first thing I want to tell you is to pick the right shoes. This goes for the size, brand, and height. I like to try on a variety of shoes first before making a purchase. Sometimes one brand’s size 7 may be too small for me, while with other brands it’s just right. I don’t go for very cheap shoes either, because they’ve given me a bad experience in terms of comfort. From what I’ve tried, more reputable brands do make their heels feel more comfortable, but again this will depend on the size that you choose.woman wearing high heels

Once I think I’ve found the right size, I don’t immediately buy it. I walk around in it, stop, walk around again, and do some turning. If I can do those effortlessly, then those are the right shoes for me. When walking, I put the force on the heels of the foot when putting it down, then shift the force to the toes as I lift the other leg up. Walking, regardless of shoes, should be comfortable and look natural. If at the store it already feels uncomfortable, don’t buy it.

Break It In First!

I cannot properly emphasize how important it is to break in the shoes before wearing them out. What you must understand is that newly brought shoes need to be broken in so that they will conform to the shape of your feet and prevent blisters when you finally wear them. A great advice I would give on breaking in new heels is by walking them inside the house. Walk up and down the stairs, do some dishes—just your usual routine.