As casual and sometimes even sloppy as it may seem in certain circles, there is just something about denim that infinitely seals its position as the go-to thing to wear, above everything else. And fall is a wonderful time to slip into a crisp new pair of jeans! The fall of 2015 is going to explode with new styles, washes and rises, and it’s going to be hard to resist buying them all. Here are some of the styles and colors that will surely be leading the denim fashion trend for fall of 2015.

Believe it or not, overalls are going to be everywhere this fall. Available in a variety of different cuts, to suit a myriad of body types, and some more “dressy” than others.  You can begin with the basic denim overalls and deck them out with socks and stilettos, roll up the legs and slip into an armful of bangle bracelets and a short, tailored bright orange plaid fall jacket. Dress ‘em down with a pair of simple flats and a nice, crisp boyfriend shirt…tucked in, of course! Add a monochromatic large beaded necklace and brush or pull your hair back, and go!

Patchwork Jeans
The patchwork jeans of the ‘70s are back with flair, this year, and the big thing is asymmetry! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the variety of fabrics and colors you will see in the patches neatly sewn into these super jeans.

Paint Splatters?
Paint splattered jeans are going to be big. I mean BIG. Some are sold to benefit charities, but if you are your own charity, you can easily make your own by starting with a nice fitting pair and select two to three complementary colors. First, practice splattering on paper, Also, avoid really large splatters that look more like accidents than art.

Winter White
When the subject of fall colors comes up this year, get ready for white! The monochromatic white look that’s going to explode this fall begins with a white pair of skinny jeans. Matching has never been this easy!

Rock On!
Skinny rocker jeans will be back again, with all the bells and whistles, oops, er, let’s say “all the rips and zips,” OK? High hems, tight and to the point. Pair with some vicious stilettos, or simple feminine flats.

Fit to a Point
Fit and Flare is big for the fall of 2015. Tight all the way down to the knee area. Hemmed at just the right length, these pants can be a really lengthening look – best in very dark blues and browns.