When it comes to appearing to be ever-ready, no one does it better than all those A-list celebs posing for red carpet paparazzi. They might get those looks with a lot of help from pro fashion and beauty experts, but you can get the same glam looks where you are, without engaging the services of outside help. With a bit of insider knowledge, you can be set to make your appearances glamorous and photo-ready, wherever you might happen to show up, while on the go and without losing an ounce of your own brand of style.

Make Sure You Have “The Dress”
Having red carpet style readiness does not require you to have anyone else following you around to make sure your look is remaining intact, and every hair is in place, nor does it require you to show a six figure income on your tax return. Getting the stunning look you want can really be all about the dress you begin with. There is nothing as powerful as a good, basic cocktail dress that has nice, simple clean lines. With the right cut and fit for your shape, your go-to cocktail dress will become for you, the same thing as the conventional black tie for a man. Black is always ready to rock any venue, any level of formality, but there’s nothing wrong with opting for your best color–whether it’s fire engine red, ocean teal or moxy mauve.

Start Out Properly
When you only want the smoothest, seamless silhouette to emerge from your glamorous ensemble, this is no time to include those frilly, adorably sexy undergarments. While they may look absolutely fabulous, once your dress slides to the floor, every ounce of detailing on those fancy bras and panties poses a risk of showing, poking out or creating odd-looking bumps and protrusions that will certainly interfere with your smooth outward appearance. Choose spanks, ditch the thongs and choose a seamless bra that is simple and form-fitting. Panty lines are never attractive, and they tend to show up vividly in photos.

Be Set in a Fix
Always go prepared for potential mini-emergencies that can spoil an otherwise perfect appearance.  Keep your breath inoffensive and still enjoy the fare by including some mints or breath spray in your purse. To that, add some double stick tape, for repairs and lint grabbing, and a band-aid or two–especially if you’re wearing those gorgeous shoes for the first time. A sewing needle, pre-threaded with a color that matches your dress and some mini-scissors could save your life. Don’t let anything stop you on such a super night.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum
This is especially true, when it comes to the size of your purse. Never allow your jewelry or other accessories do your talking for you. You should be the focus, and this doesn’t mean your makeup, either. It should be you first, with your dress next. Your purse should be small and almost nonexistent. And if you’ve got somewhere to store them, bring along a pair of appropriate flats you can slip into, just in case. And there’s nothing like a pair of killer heels to rock the red carpet!

Your Makeup Should be Seen and Not Heard
Let your makeup bring out your best features, rather than applying it like IT’S a feature. Pick eyes or lips to receive a little more enhanced effects, but never both. This is a great opportunity to go for the shine, for eyes, lips and foundation–but just enough to spark interest.