We are always on the quest for finding ways to reinvent ourselves in newer, fresher styles that give us a renewed sense of satisfaction. Some of these efforts are more long term goals that are certainly worthwhile, but the length of time involved in reaching them can leave anyone feeling a slump, here and there. This is probably one of the biggest reasons that dieting is so difficult and why many people wind up yo-yo dieting as a lifestyle.  It’s not unusual, either, as experiencing discouragement can be a frequent occurrence with long term anything. The good news is that, while we are waiting for those marvelous results to transform us with oodles of “WOW” factor, there are other short-term payoff things we can do to improve, renew and refresh, in the here and now..

Some Proven and Time-Honored Quick Makeovers
While you’re waiting for those scales to make you finally glad that you ever bought them, or even if you are happy with their reading currently, there are two major ways in which women have been engaging with satisfaction and without the need for any size or weight changes, and don’t involve something as drastic as plastic surgery. The first one is to buy some new shoes — regardless of what you currently weigh, your shoe size will not fail you. And there is nothing like a new pair of snazzy, fun shoes to make you feel wonderful. The second one also does not depend on any numbers –like size and weight, for instance. A new hairstyle is some kind of powerful in giving you a mood lift that not only can be achieved quickly, but it produces lasting results beyond a few hours. So put that cheesecake back into the refrigerator, give it to someone or toss it. Maybe it’s time to reinvent your hair.

Some Hot “Now” Hairstyles to Have
Warmer weather is more tolerable with certain hairstyles, but can vary from woman to woman. Here are some HOT styles to try:

The Low Bun
Hair pulled tightly back with a strong center part and formed into a bun at the nape of the neck is sleek, stylish and sexy. And cool.

A Bouncy Ponytail
Using a hair mattifying or volumizing product adds zing when worked into the base of the ponytail. Hair can either be pulled tautly back, or gently teased for a crown lift. Then, to get the lifted tail, grab each side of the ponytail and pull them apart to tighten the elastic, then tease the underside layer.

A Freestyle Topknot
Apply mousse to damp hair and rough it up while drying. Using fingers only, pull your hair up in a high ponytail. Very loosely wind it around the base, allowing for strays and secure with bobby pins. A few random loose stragglers can be left as-is, or loosely curled.