A trip to Vegas–especially for the novice–could become quickly dizzying, without a good game plan. With lights, bells whistles, a variety of hawkers and many people of questionable intentions yelling, flashing. beeping at you from every direction, the best way to ensure your Vegas trip is memorable in a good way, is to develop a game plan. You want to make every minute count, and when there’s so very much coming at you from everywhere, you can resist, cool as a cucumber, while checking out every destination on your list.

Owned and operated by the Binion family from it’s 1951 opening until 2004. Operated from its inception until 2009 as Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel, the economic downturn of 2008-2009 forced the closing of the hotel, coffee shop and keno operations of this once home to the World Series of Poker-Vegas casino, with its carpeting and velvet walls–no limit wagering and $1 mil. on display behind glass. Still, a Vegas visit–a life is not complete without playing craps at Binion’s at least once.e

Play at The D or The Golden Gate
Everyone should experience go-go dancing dealers, and the finest ones are found downtown at The D and Golden Gate. These ladies are charming and quite personable, and actually know their stuff–which is not always guaranteed at every Vegas casino.

Find Something to do at Stratosphere
Whether it’s a Happy Hour drop-in at the Level 107 Lounge (they are known for their great Happy Hour deals,) or a fine dining gastronomic experience, from the Top of the World Restaurant, The view from either is spectacular. The Top of the World Restaurant is famous for its 360 degree revolution every 80 minutes, but the Lounge stays kaput. If you like movement, go for the meal.

Free Water Works, Vegas Style
While free performances are found virtually outside of every hotel and throughout Vegas streets, the ONE to catch is the spectacular display that occurs every hour between 3 PM and 8 PM (and every 15 mins from 8 PM till midnight,) at the Bellagio Fountains. This massive 8.5 acre desert lake bursts forth with a performance from 1,214 spritzers that powerfully send up pulsing streams of water into the air, and not returning until they’ve reached 460 ft. up. Precisely choreographed underlit rockets of water dance and playfully cavort to Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly or A Chorus Line’s “One Singular Sensation.” Was “Free” mentioned here?