I appreciate fashion statements of all kinds and admire people who pull off their trademark look effortlessly. I’ve observed people around me and noticed how some of them have their own quirky sense of style that is “so them” and makes them stand out. These are little quirks they have which make them unique. Try these out if you are the daring type of fashionista!

  • Wear just one eye-catching earring. Something long and colorful or something which gives off that gypsy-like vibe would be great. Wear it on just one ear and you’ll surely turn heads! If you want to be more subtle about it, try wearing an earcuff instead.
  • Don’t wear pairs. Well, wear pairs, but have them in different colors or perhaps something that isn’t the exact copy of the other. Think shoes of the same style but in different colors, or try cute socks in inverse color prints. Earrings like the spoon and fork charms or a lock and key work great, too!
  • Play with your hair. If you can find some nice colored hair extensions, you can use those. Place them under a section of your hair and comb so they can be seen through the real hair. Loud colors like pink, orange, and even neon greens can be fun to wear.
  • Be creative with your nail polish designs. Think of a theme such as your favorite book or movie and have nail art done to match the theme you have in mind. Simply wearing different nail polish colors will do, too.Be creative with your nail polish designs
  • Tuck in just the center part of your shirt. Instead of tucking your shirt all the way around, why not tuck in just a side or the front center part to give off a rebellious aura?
  • Play with your shoe laces. Buy some complementing shoe laces for your laced shoes and use them to match your clothes or make a subtle change in your outfit.
  • Wear some colorful eye makeup. By colorful, I mean really colorful. Think of candy colors or rainbow inspired eye shadow makeup that would make your eyes even lovelier to look at. This may take practice but when you get the hang of it, your eye makeup will look great!Wear some colorful eye makeup

Make a fresh statement with these ideas and have fun with fashion!