Jessica Simpson continues to disprove the unflattering stereotypical “Blonde” of jokelore, with design after amazing design of compelling artistry in every fashion form. Descriptions that follow her Collection are every bit as chock full of variety as each element, on its own. American, sweet-sexy, flirty, classic, inspired, new vintage, playful and savvy all describe the JSC appeal that rocks the fashion world. The line’s characteristic beauty continues to emerge for the 2015 fall season, backed up by the highest quality materials and workmanship possible. JSC impressive flair awaits savvy fashionistas, with Simpson’s trademark glamor, edginess, versatility and comfort for clothing, handbags, footwear and interior design in new, fabulous form for 2015 and 2016.

JSC Footwear
This girl loves her shoes, and she, unlike some designers, shows how she “gets” that shoe shopping women like and want variety, not sameness. The latest additions offer a rich variety of heel heights, revealing patent lizard, whimsical and feminine bows, straps, and signature micro-detailings. Fresh color combos and materials offer fun, eye catching appeal for women of all ages.

Jessica Simpson

Everett Collection /

JSC Hair
Women everywhere covet Simpson’s gorgeous, long curls, and in response, the JSC line has introduced Hairdo hair extensions for women of all types. Her “I’m every woman” focus continues to deliver what women most want. Choices include long, sexy waves, playful bangs and more. The JSC Hairdo hair extensions, a joint venture of by Simpson and hair designer Ken Paves  are lightweight, easy to “apply,” nicely priced and virtually undetectable.

JSC Jewelry
With new, dazzling designs, the JSC line is introducing more earrings–lightweight, affordable, and with detailings of faux pearls and sparkling rhinestone borders designed to deliciously drip from the best-dressed ears. Guaranteed to make a splash-many new designs for 2015.

Much More Forthcoming JSC Fun
Within the up-and-coming JSC line of coats and outerwear, shoppers will find a surge of decorative bibs and envelope collared designs on a variety of lengths among the latest additions. Check out Simpson’s new accessories, like her “Missing Weave” neckwear with flirty tassels adorning the bottoms, luxurious scarves and gauze yarn neck loops– and many JSC fun, new hats for 2015! The popular JSC variety continues in her handbag collection, with hot new crossbodies, foldovers, drawstrings and totes, hobos, clutches and satchels for all occasions. To her clothing line, she’s adding new luxurious sleepwear, for the sweetest, JSC-styled dreams.