A great look does not thrive solely on an outfit. In most cases, it ends up being the specific accessories that are added that ultimately make or break any outfit. Accessorizing involves a lot more than simply jewelry like necklaces, rings, scarves, earrings, and headwear: accessories include shoes, hats, outerwear and much more. Often understated, the purse a woman carries is one of the most important inclusions, when it comes to “make or break” accessorizing. And the issue of which purse to carry is always compounded by the actual purse’s functionality, in terms of just where she is going to be, and the exact “must-have” items she’ll need to be able to easily access while she’s there. The clutch has long been one of the very best choices among the best-dressed women, as it is not only highly fashionable, but a clutch purse is easy to carry, and the ideal size to keep those important needed items close, for when they’re needed.

Clutch Purse Functionality
The long-standard for clutch purse design has been to create a woman’s purse that can capably hold the basics she might need, like her driver’s license, credit cards, some cash, a cell phone and some lipstick. These are primarily designed to be carried in hand, but there is a new trend in women’s clutches that find them to include an optional (but needed,) strap. These can be easily removed when not being used, but they offer a welcome new form of optional carrying convenience. With the clutch strap, the wearer is able to sling the purse over her shoulder, or alternately slip it onto her wrist.

New Clutch Definition
The clutch purse has always, since its inception, been the go-to form of purse for women to carry when attending the more formal events and soirees, and still, the handheld mode of carriage is seen as the preferred method for black tie affairs. The additional strap enables the once somewhat limited clutch purse to now be an “all occasions” purse for women on the go, in all manners of venues.

Variety Abounds in Clutch Options
No matter what type of outfit you might be planning to wear on any given day, there is a perfect clutch purse accessory that will beautifully top off your look. Clutch purses are now available in an unprecedented variety of sizes, colors, versatility, materials, designs and….prices. You’ll find feathered finishes, polka dots and fun bows. An increasing number of the most prominent haute couture designers are including clutch purses in their personal lines, which means there are almost infinite styles available for putting together today’s most fashion-forward looks. Get ready to see a lot of clutches being carried by some of the best-dressed women of 2015-2016!