Lip liner, when done correctly, is the consummate companion to lipstick, yet it hasn’t always received the acknowledgment it deserves. This could mostly be due to that short-lived but sadly memorable brown-lined lips with nude lipstick trend that took hold of lips for a season. Lip liner done right can totally change up your lip game for many distinctive reasons. Women whose lipstick tends to bleed or fade soon can rely on lip liner to sustain them a far longer time, for example. Here are some rules to keep in mind before adding lip liner to your lips look.

More Than Outlining
When you only outline your lips with lip liner, you diminish your ability to profit from one of its most impressive benefits. By covering the entire surface of your lips with lip liner, rather than just the perimeter, you can then apply your lipstick over a smoother base, and you’ll never encounter a later appearance of that telltale ring around your mouth evidencing your use of lip liner. Better shade, and less fade.

Matching Matters
Regardless of which two colors you might deem to be complementary, it is never a good idea to mix colors of liner and lipstick and look at all knowledgeable or good. That fleeting trend of darker lip liner went out in the 90s, never to return, so don’t think you can bring it back. Try your best to match your lip liner with your shade of lipstick. When this is not completely possible, at least, make it fall within the same color family.

Go Incognito
When it comes to lip liner, there are always going to be a few apprehensive users who lack the confidence to include lip lining in their makeup routines. There’s exceptionally good news for these women, as a new liner has hit the store shelves. It’s transparent, invisible and comes with a guarantee that there is no possibility of messing up the application here. Zero-risk, with zero color. This means you can use it with every color of lipstick you would ever want to wear. This innovative product can be used in a primer type of application, to provide longer lipstick wear, or just as a lip liner that will prevent those unwanted lipstick bleeds from occurring around the mouth. The second best alternative would be to purchase lip liner that is closest to your skin color, or nude.

Blend it In
When you choose to use lip liner strictly as a way to outline your lips, if not immediately, then certainly with time as your lipstick faces, your liner will become more prominent. One of the best ways to ensure that there will be no further telltale evidence of liner on your lips is to use a good lip brush to blend your liner in with your finished coat of lipstick, working the two together to become unified.

Location, Location, Location
Never miss your lip line again, with this simple tip: Rather than looking at color demarcation, look into your mirror to spot the point at which your lips begin poking outward. You should be able to feel it with your fingers, just to make sure. That is where to apply your lip liner.