Pixar movies are good at bringing out a wide range of emotions, and there are likely to be quite a few Pixar moments that really stand out to you.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Incredibles: Dash Uses His Powers for the First Time

Dash has a special power – he is able to run at extremely fast speeds.

However, at the start of Pixar’s The Incredibles, Dash’s mother tells him that he must hide his powers from everyone else, to help them fit in.

Because of this, Dash isn’t able to play any sports, just in case he accidentally runs too fast. It doesn’t take long for the viewer to feel quite sympathetic towards poor Dash!

However, later on in the movie, Dash finally gets his chance to use his powers for the very first time…

It happens when Dash and Violet are trying to escape from some security men who are out to get them. Dash starts to run, and realizes just how fast he can go.

The sheer joy and excitement that Dash experiences as he runs over the water translates to the viewer too, and you just can’t help but share in his elation.

Brave: Merida Competes for Her Own Hand in Marriage

The story of Brave focuses around Princess Merida.

Her mother, Queen Elinor, arranges for three suitors to compete for Merida’s hand in marriage.

Merida is adamant that she doesn’t want to marry any of them, but her mother continues anyway. Queen Elinor arranges for an archery competition, with Merida being the prize.

Wondering how the three men fared in the archery contest?

Pretty badly, with each one doing worse than the last. Merida decides that she has had enough, and announces to everyone that she is going to try to compete for her own hand in marriage.

This is the moment where it gets really good…

While her three suitors were not able to hit the bull’s eye, Merida manages to do exactly that…three times in a row!

The fact that Merida is such an independent feminist has been so inspiring to young girls, as well as adults, all around the world. A female heroin that is also the main star of the movie is exactly what the girls of today need when it comes to an animated role model. 

Toy Story 2: When She Said She Loved Me

If you have seen Toy Story 2 (which you probably have), then the “when she loved me” scene is one that has likely stuck around in your mind too.

If you don’t remember it…

This moment takes place about halfway through the movie. It is when Jessie has a flashback, remembering the good times that she shared with Emily, but also how Emily abandoned her. During this scene, Jessie finds the confidence to tell her story to Woody, helping him to understand why she is so adamant about not having an owner.

It is quite an emotional moment, and we aren’t the only ones who think so…

Reviews for this scene went something like this:

  • “Express[es] a very human fear of abandonment”
  • “The point where the series truly grows up”
  • “Manages to convey…the ache of being left behind by someone you love”
  • A “show-stopping moment” 

The fact that the scene is accompanied by the bittersweet “When She Loved Me” song, sung by Sarah McLachlan, makes this moment even more touching. The lyrics of the song, as well as the emotions behind it, gives this scene a whole different meaning, enabling viewers to interpret it in their own ways.

Wall-E: Eve Rebuilds Wall-E

Although this scene doesn’t actually have any humans, or even animals, in it, the two robots that do steal the show definitely portray relatable human emotions.

The main one that shines through in this moment is love…

This scene takes place when EVE comes back to Earth, bringing with her a broken WALL-E. She spends some time fixing him, and finally manages to charge him up.

However, once he turns back on, he isn’t the WALL-E that she remembers…

EVE realizes that WALL-E has been reset back to his factory settings, meaning that he has no idea who he or EVE are, and doesn’t have any other memories either.

This is the point at which the scene gets a little heartbreaking. You can’t help but root for poor EVE as she tries her best to fix WALL-E. The fact that he doesn’t remember her does tug on the heartstrings.

Fortunately, it all takes a turn for the better…

You probably remember EVE shouting “WALL-E hurt”! She then touches her head with his, causing a spark of electricity to jump up between them.

Of course, this is the point at which WALL-E wakes up, showing how true love has once again saved the day.

Ratatouille: Remy Cooks Up Some Ratatouille

Bet you never thought that you would enjoy watching a movie about rats quite this much, did you?

Well, neither did most of the Ratatouille fans out there, but Remy managed to steal so many hearts.

While the entire movie provided plenty of entertainment, it is the final cooking scene that makes it onto this list of our favorite Pixar moments.


Because it is absolutely hilarious, and this one scene manages to sum up the entire movie so well.

What happens in the scene?

Remy the rat teaches the chef how to make the perfect plate of ratatouille, in order to impress a notoriously tough food critic. The chef is desperate for the critic’s approval, which is why she ends up accepting the rat’s help.

In order to get the job done right, Remy enlists the help of some of his friends, meaning that this five-star restaurant’s kitchen is now swarming with rats.

Although the chef panics, she decides to trust in Remy, and they all cook up an exquisite dish of Ratatouille.

What did the critic think?

It would seem as though eating that ratatouille was quite a profound experience for the critic, with the dish being a huge success.

Is the thought of the perfect ratatouille making you hungry?

There are actually a few recipes online that will teach you exactly how to make the same version of Ratatouille from the movie, enabling you to recreate your favorite Pixar scene. Of course, you probably should make sure that there aren’t really any rats in your kitchen while you’re cooking this up! https://www.gustotv.com/food/make-actual-ratatouille-ratatouille/

Finding Nemo: Marlin Meets Crush

Although Crush was only a side character in Pixar’s Finding Nemo movie, meaning that he didn’t make many appearances, this special sea turtle quickly became a popular fan favorite.


Because this 150 year old turtle has a chilled out, laid back attitude that adds so much humor into his scenes.

The moment when Crush meets Marlin and Dory for the first time is one that many people can easily recollect.

Don’t remember it?

Well, when Crush finds out that Marlin and Dory are searching for little Nemo, he takes them on a wild ride across the ocean to help them with their quest. While this journey would have otherwise been quite a serious affair, the inclusion of Crush makes it much more light-hearted and optimistic. In fact, Crush helps to motivate Marlin, helping him to believe that he will find Nemo.

Thanks to Crush’s popularity, this character made an appearance in the movie’s sequel, Finding Dory.

He also has his own talk show, and even appears as a mosaic in WALL-E and as a sticker in Toy Story 3. All of this attention helped to raise awareness for sea turtles around the world, resulting in the movie having an unexpected environmental impact too. https://characters.fandom.com/wiki/Crush_The_Turtle

The Incredibles: Edna Mode’s ‘No Capes’ Scene 

Yes, The Incredibles is getting a second mention on this list, but it isn’t our fault that the movie has too many memorable moments to choose from!

The “no capes” scene is a moment that many really enjoyed, and it actually brought up quite a bit of discussion on the topic of superhero attire.

What happens in this scene?

Edna Mode offers to make a new suit for Robert Parr, i.e. Mr. Incredible.

When he says that he wants a cape on his suit, Edna begins her “no capes” speech. She starts to list superhero after superhero, each one having been harmed by their cape in some way (with many of these ways being absolutely hilarious). She not only lists their names and cause of death, but also other details too, such as the date of their death.

How does Edna know all of this?

Because it was she who designed their suits, complete with capes. This meant that Edna felt responsible for their death.

This brought such a complexity to the character of Edna Mode, which is something that so many fans appreciated. They loved that this was a woman who cared so deeply, not only about her own work but also about the people around her. http://www.alex-tafur.com/blog/2018/1/8/-an-analysis-of-the-incredibles-no-capes-speech

Cars: The King Wins the Race

Pixar always tries to put a moral in their movies, helping to teach children around the world some valuable lessons.

Well, this Pixar moment is one that does exactly that.

The movie is about a tiebreaker race that takes place between three vehicles. Lightning McQueen is desperate to win the race, because this honor brought with it quite a few different rewards.

The King, a racer who is close to retirement, is also eager to win the race.

What happens when race day rolls around?

Well, it’s the final scene that really tugs at the heart…

Lightning McQueen is in the lead, and it looks as though he is set to win the race.

However, he sees his friend, the King, get thrown off the track by one of the other vehicles in the race. Rather than speeding on to win the prize for himself, Lightning McQueen helps the King, allowing him to cross the finish line first and win the race.

This is a scene that highlights the selfless nature of Lightning McQueen, which is a part of his character that you don’t see much of during the movie. In fact, many would say that he is downright selfish at the start of the film.

It shows the importance of helping other people, and this is a life lesson that is definitely worth teaching to the kids of today.

A Bug’s Life: Heimlick Transforms into a Butterfly

His whole life, and for most of the movie, Heimlich has wanted to be a butterfly. This is something that viewers hear plenty about as the movie goes on, and it isn’t long until you are rooting for the day when that happens for this little caterpillar.

Finally, that day arrives…

The plain-looking caterpillar emerges from his cocoon as a butterfly, spreading his wings to try to fly.

However, this doesn’t go to plan…

Heimlich realizes that his wings are too small, meaning that he isn’t able to fly with them. This doesn’t put Heimlich off, and his cheerful nature is infectious as he continues to try.

Wondering if Heimlich ends up flying?

He does, but only with the help of his friends, along with a few ants.

As you can imagine, a lovable character like Heimlich quickly gained many fans. This made it hardly surprising that Heimlich reappeared in quite a main role in the sequel to the movie; A Bug’s Life 2: The Revenge of the Grasshoppers.

Can’t get enough of Heimlich?

Keep an eye out for him in Toy Story 2, where he also makes a couple of unexpected appearances.

Pixar have created some true gems over the years, and these moments are just a small handful of our favorites. From the thrill of the King winning the race in Cars to the pride felt when Merida beats the men at archery, Pixar really does know how to stir up plenty of emotions with this classic creations.