Green is the new black. Fashion isn’t just about what looks good, but also about what does good. With the high profile that the fashion industry and Hollywood both have, it is important that they use that influence to promote the well-being of the Earth and its natural resources. A few celebrities are rising to the challenge and using their status to promote environmental preservation.

Here are three celebrities who are doing a lot to help the environment:

Sting has not been making new music of late, but he has been fighting to protect the environment behind the scenes. He and his wife, Trudie Styler, started the Rainforest Foundation more than a quarter of a century ago to protect tropical rainforest. The foundation works in 15 countries, and it has protected more than 71,000 square miles of forest throughout the world, including Southeast Asia, Africa and Brazil.

Stella McCartney

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Stella McCartney
The fashion designer and daughter of the famous Beatle lives an eco-friendly lifestyle in her personal and professional life. She is a vegetarian who also creates vegan fashions in her eco-friendly studio, which is powered by wind energy. Her organic clothing can be shipped through carbon-neutral means, helping buyers to lower their carbon footprint.

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom isn’t just the hottie who won our hearts in Pirates of the Caribbean; he is also an environmentally conscious celeb using his fame for good. The actor founded the organization Global Cool after traveling to Antarctica to study the effects of global warming with research group Global Green USA. Global Cool provides education to help people implement changes in their daily routine to reduce their carbon footprint, such as lowering the thermostat just one degree or conserving shower water. Bloom’s girlfriend, model Miranda Kerr, testified to Bloom’s own commitment to making these changes when she complained about his personal hygiene habits from using too little shower water.

You don’t have to eschew showers for a week or start your own foundation to be as eco-friendly as these celebs. Making small changes in your life can make a difference to the Earth. And that’s always in fashion.