Whether you are heading out for a night on the town with your girlfriends or you are meeting someone for a first date, you want to look your very best. The little black dress is a classic, but it can also get boring. Mix it up a little to show off your personality and make an impression.

Here are some trendy looks right now that will work great for your evening out:

Glittery Fabrics
It doesn’t get more glamorous than glitter. You’ll be shining like a diamond from across the room. Wear a sequined top with a pair of jeans, or wear a cashmere sweater with a glittery skirt. It will be the perfect combination of sexy and cool.

Just don’t wear a glitter top with a glitter skirt or leggings, and don’t wear a glitter dress. The look will be overwhelming, not flattering! Think Miley Cyrus mixed with a little Taylor Swift for the perfect combo.

Mixed Textures
The all-black look is also a classic because it is slimming and flattering on just about everyone, and it creates a sophisticated look. To make this look a bit more stylish and interesting, mix up the textures. Wear wool trousers with a silk top, or wear a glittery black top with black jeans. Careful not to go overboard – limit yourself look to TWO textures per outfit.

Sexy Tops
The right top can make any outfit look more stylish, and the top is the first thing that people notice anyway. A sexy top may be all you need for a stylish evening look. Choose something silky, something low cut, or something with strategic mesh or fringe. Experiment with styles to find something that fits your personality.

Blazer and Jeans
A tailored blazer and jeans continues to be a popular evening look. The outfit is flattering on almost any body type, and it makes you look smart and stylish. Put on a flirty camisole to give it a feminine edge, or add a silky top for a hotter look. Once hot in the early nineties, this trend has resurfaced with a more refined style. Test out this season’s cutest leather boots with this outfit!

Baby Doll Dresses
They are SO back – another nineties look revamped! Baby doll dresses paired with updated stockings are peeking their heads out of closets everywhere once again. Flowered, flowy and fabulous, these comfy and whimsical dresses pair well with short boots. Boho is back and looks better then ever!

Try out one of these trendy looks for your next date or other evening event. You can dress them up or dress them down to fit the occasion, but you’ll always look your best.