Here it comes–another Valentine’s Day–with romance, restaurants, flowers and chocolates! Every woman particularly wants to look her best for that special love interest on this day, and feel sexy and vibrant in how she appears. And as many savvy fashionistas know, you certainly don’t have to have a man to celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day, by choosing to go out–or even stay home with your good friends for a wonderful celebration of February 14. You never know–even when doing the “solo with friends” deal on Valentine’s Day, you may just wind up encountering a special attraction with whom you’ll be celebrating this day next year! Whatever the case may be, coming up with a lovely signature look for yourself is all good on the most romantic day all year.

Dress the Part
This is the one day of the year when you need to trade-in that black sexy sophistication of little dress status for a red one–and none of the muted, cranberry or brown-toned reds, either. You need a little candy apple red dress to participate in full style. With your curve-hugging red appeal, you’re sure to feel extra sexy, which is somehow contagious. Men are naturally drawn to a woman with sexy confidence, like flies to honey. Dressed in a little number that makes you feel extra pretty and sexy–and even a little daring, if possible–nothing too over the top, but just slightly provocative–you’ll steal his attention and heart all day and night. Think about the feel of the fabric you’ll be wearing–choose something buttery-soft, slinky and satiny–or kitten-soft angora/cashmere. These not only feel soft to the touch, but are body-loving, in how they fit and hang.

Heavenly Valentine’s Day Hair
While men love long and flowing hair of all kinds, they are just as drawn to hairstyles that bare the neck, whether romantic pixie styles or sophisticated updos with a select few strategically left-out hanging curls here and there. Cross crown braided up-effects with some flowery form of attachments can be your best V-Day hair look.

Something’s in the Air Tonight
This is the night to wear your most captivating fragrance. It’s not the best time to try a new, unfamiliar fragrance, but rather go with the one you know blends beautifully with your chemistry. The more sweet, flowery and exotic scents are best, as the brisk, crisp clean fragrances are great, but they are best for the workplace and daytime. You want to exude a romantically alluring and passionate fragrance on V-Day!

Little Things Mean a Lot
Choose your accessories carefully–keep it simple, with jewelry. If you have a necklace or earrings that he gave you, wear them tonight. Don’t wear jewelry that becomes the first thing others notice about you. Heart-shapes and flowers are prime. And with that little red dress, choose some serious heels–in red, gold, nude or silver. Make ‘em high, and thin, stiletto-style. Straps conjure up thoughts of foot-fetish imagery. Play up to his fantasy-scripted mind with a bit of well-designed shoe seduction. And your best accessory is to purr like a kitten, communicating more with your eyes and your body than words. Let him do most of the talking, and actively listen intently. Stay off any real-world topics that can be downers–save those for another time. Let this night be all-light, all-enticing and all about the power of love.