Each year, we witness a changing of the guard, with who’s hot and who’s not, as prominently revealed at NYC Fashion Week. This year’s best are going to set the tone, and all it takes is a sneak peek at their unique designs to immediately discover why they are where they are. You’re going to want to snatch these designs right from the runway models, so that you can slip into them and rock any scene to come.

Flagpole Swim
A new, exciting collaborative success of design team Megan Balch and Jaime Barker, there are wonderful touches of retro inspiration that make bright, smooth appearances within their line. All of their pieces are lovingly manufactured right in Manhattan’s Garment District. This year marks the first for the duo, whose brand departs from the tired street style and moves toward a more luxurious form of modern glamour, with something special for every woman.

Max Gengos
With his signature silhouettes that almost defy architectural design, he combines the most exquisite of artisan-wrought fabrics and materials. Among the chic, designer-inspired terminology that comes standard with Gengos” designs are ones like Responsible Luxury, and Slow Fashion. Such descriptions evoke powerful images that truly represent the stylings of this promising designer. Now, what “slow” really means is “expensive,” however it also encompasses “built for the long haul,” so his designs are a good investment. Kylie Jenner’s a big follower, who was photographed for Teen Vogue Mag’s cover sporting his designs. What this man can do with metallics!

Han Chong
The Net-a-Porter Self-Portrait line, founded by an alumnus of Central Saint Martins–and hailing from Malaysia–han Chong is surely set to rock the fashion world, with amazing thoughtfulness represented by impeccable styling that defies time while echoing timeless beauty and being articulately modern. With only one look, it’s obvious why so many A-listers are choosing the Self Portrait styles as their statement pieces on the red carpet. With exceptional details of style, these creations remain accessible. Every piece is freshly feminine, with superior flair for life’s most treasured receptions, events and soirees. A major force. Just ask Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Stewart.

Brandon Maxwell
Just after one look at Brandon Maxwell’s extreme collection will give you all the info you need to understand that the man intricately knows women and what form of styling elevates them to a new level of fashionable distinction. He loves spending a lot of time with blacks and whites, instead giving more of his focus on form and shape. Maxwell is the heart and soul behind Lady Gaga’s beautiful transformations. This designer is anticipated to blast into a new dimension of design success, based on his work to date. Fans eagerly anticipate what’s to come here.

Jeremy Scott
The People’s Designer, from his roots in rural Missouri all the way to his rise to prominence as a chief Milan Fashion designer, Scott is the go-to source for fun, playful, casual and super-expressive statement wear. His designs are both fun to see and fun to wear, and he has become a true favorite of A-list-level status. With designs inspired from what might be another dimension, he’s one to follow–and wear. His style takes designs further–and better–than has ever been done, and we love all of his creations! For the young, and the young at heart.