Christmas is just around the corner, and, for some of us, the wait and anticipation for the holiday season to officially start is too long and painful. This is why there are traditions that make the waiting game fun and festive for people.

One of these traditions is the Advent calendar—wait, don’t raise your brows just yet! Advent calendars are traditionally enjoyed by kids (we know) and take the form of sweets or chocolates to get the Christmas mood going.

But did you know us adults can enjoy Advent calendars just as much?

No, we’re not talking about sharing candies with your kids (although, no judgment here). In this list, we give you fun ideas to start your own Advent calendar tradition. Are you looking for something:

  • Simple? We got it.
  • Fancy? Yep, we got that, too.
  • Yummy? Copy that!
  • A little boozy? You bet!
  • For your beauty? Listen. We have that on our list, as well.

Without further ado, here are 11 fun Advent calendars for you!

VINEBOX 12 Nights of Wine: Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar

We kick off this list with none other than a wine set for all the booze lovers out there. If you are a guaranteed wine connoisseur, you will surely love this Advent calendar! It comes in a “Nice” or “Naughty” set, complete with an awesome mix of white and red wine. The wines are handpicked from the best wine places in the world. What’s best about this is that each wine sample comes in a mysterious and sleek, black vial-like container.

Do you know what that means?

You wouldn’t know what you’re getting until you pour it into your glass! Talk about anticipation!

English Tea Shop Advent Calendar


Say you’re not really into wine. That’s perfectly fine! If you prefer cozying up with a warm cup of tea to keep you company as the holidays approach, fret not! Of course, this list includes a classic English tea selection for you. If there’s one thing we know about the English, they love their tea, and they sure know how to do it well. 

As fun and exciting as the holidays are, the preparation might give us a little stress here and there. With all the decorating, gift-buying, cooking, and planning, we sure need a bit of time each day to relax. We don’t know about you, but there is nothing more soothing than the aroma of fresh tea

This English Tea Advent Calendar will keep you company from the very first day of December up until Christmas Day. Tea might sound boring for some, but wait ’til you take a sip of some flavors like Spicy Pumpkin or Candy Cane. By then, you might just be converted to a tea lover yourself!

Each flavor is packed in a special Christmas box, which contains two servings of each tea. Of course, you can share it, but you can also have one for the morning and another in the evening! If you’re not really fond of tea but know someone who is, this Advent calendar makes for a great gift.

Copper Cow Coffee Advent Calendar


Let’s get the ball rolling by listing down another favorite drink—coffee.

That’s right; we don’t have just tea or wine, we also included a coffee Advent calendar option!  If you’re like us who can’t start our days right without a cup of Joe, there’s no denying you’d need this Copper Cow Coffee Advent Calendar in your life too. 

This advent calendar only counts down to 12 days, but honestly, that’s more than enough caffeine to get us pumped up for Christmas. This set boasts a coffee collection of some of the yummiest coffees made—some infused with lavender and coconut creamers—that are sure to surprise even the most experienced coffee lovers. If you’re used to visiting your favorite coffee shops every Christmas, it might just be time to break that tradition and try this coffee Advent calendar in the comfort of your home.

Gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar

If you can’t get rid of your sweet tooth, but you’re also looking for chocolate alternatives, The Naked Marshmallow Co’s Marshmallow Advent calendar is a great pick. 

What’s that—you don’t want regular marshmallows?

Well, you’re in for a ride with this one! The variety in this Advent calendar is made up of gourmet options that are deliciously handmade and packed with the right blend of flavors to suit your sweet tooth. 

If you’re curious to know what the flavor is, just open each door! Not only will you get the flavor of the day, but you might also get a discount code, a Christmas joke, or a random fact. If you ask us, any of those is worth getting hyped for. 

Lush 12 Days of Christmas

Didn’t we say this list explores options way outside chocolates and candies?

That’s right! If you’re familiar with Lush, you would know that they are famous for their bath bombs as well as other bath and body essentials. On that note, if you’re a fan of Lush or their products, then it’s high-time to rejoice since the cosmetics company recently released its first-ever advent calendar filled with these goodies!

Relaxing certainly comes in different forms. Some may find it through chocolates or wine, but pampering yourself can also be just as enjoyable. This Lush Advent Calendar comes in a reusable packaging made from reused materials and features some of their most popular bath bombs.

Each goodie is also especially named to suit the Christmas spirit—with names like Yog Nog, Sugar Plum Fairy, or Polar Bear Plunge. Just imagine a cold winter night with a shower and night routine filled with all these amazing scents. If that alone doesn’t convince you, then you’re definitely missing out.

MAC Starring You Advent Calendar

Here’s another calendar for your beauty needs—MAC’s Starring You Advent Calendar. We all know that MAC is most women’s holy grail makeup brand, Christmas or not. But with their newest holiday collection in the form of an advent calendar, it’s sure to cause quite a bit of a stir with MAC lovers again.

The holidays are filled with parties, dinners, and Christmas events; we’re sure you spend quite some time perfecting your makeup and dressing up for the occasion!

So, what’s the best way to get in the holiday spirit?

Glam up your way to Christmas day! With this package, you get several gorgeous pieces from MAC. To give a sneak peek, it has:

  • an eyebrow set,
  • false lashes,
  • strobing creams,
  • lip gloss,
  • lipsticks,
  • eyeshadows,
  • and more!

Everything is curated to fit the festive mood of the holiday, so you’re all ready to go out and conquer the Christmas season. 

Beware, though, as gorgeous as it is, it will cost you a little extra to get a hold of this. We heard it costs about $130, but with it’s $265 value in total, the price tag might just be worth it.

Master of Malt’s Whisky Advent Calendar


While we definitely enjoy whiskey at any given time of the year, the holiday season just calls for an extra celebration.

For starters, this Whiskey Advent calendar includes 24 (yup, not 12) doors of Scotland and Japan’s best picks. Every single one comes in a 30-ml bottle that should be more than enough for that needed kick. Enjoy different varieties like single malt, bourbon, and many other blends.

Rest assured, this advent calendar will suit the preferences of any whiskey fan. If you’re not up for the surprise, you can check out the contents ahead of time to give you a peek of what to expect. But not to totally take the fun away, the drams are still randomly ordered to keep you on edge.

The 25 Sauces of Christmas Countdown to Santa Claus


If there’s one place we spend most of our Christmas waiting, it’s in the kitchen. Whether it’s testing out new holiday recipes or cooking up our favorite Christmas comfort food, our time is generously spent in our lovely kitchens. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that we include an option perfect for anyone who wants to get saucy. This advent calendar from Brew Your Own Batch (BYOB) is a definite must-have.

I don’t know about you, but we’d get this for a unique 25-flavor sauce set we can brag to our guests.  Even if you just want to spice up your cupboards, displaying these will instantly give you a boost of Christmas spirit. 

And who knows? One of the 25 sauces might just inspire your next big Christmas dish!

Marvel Pocket Pop! Advent Calendar


Let’s get a little more adventurous—and by that, we mean this superhero-themed advent calendar.

The recently concluded Avengers franchise might have closed an era, but this Advent calendar is just starting a new trend. If you still can’t get enough of your favorite Marvel characters, we highly suggest getting yourself this one. The Marvel Pocket Pop! has 24 mini figurines, ideal for your starting or growing collection, or simply for leisure or display. Find your favorite pop culture characters like Iron Man chilling on your table or anywhere you prefer.

Although a little unusual, counting down to Christmas can be less boring when you have a superhero to look forward to every day. Besides, the holiday season calls for creating stories and fantasies. With these superhero figurines, you are sure to exercise your imagination and creativity.

Who said kids are the only ones allowed to believe in their Santa Claus and fantasy worlds?

With this Advent calendar and all the fun you’ll have with the figurines, now you can too!

So Wrong It’s Nom Cheese Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t love cheese? Several Christmas soul foods and hearty snacks have cheese at their core. It’s only right that we include an Advent calendar solely in dedication to the blessing that is cheese. Originating back to 2016, a food blogger had the genius idea of curating a DIY cheese Advent calendar. Soon enough, this DIY creation turned out to be a sellout and will again be sold this year with even more cheese options!

This cheese advent calendar comes in what is called a “book style” design. This means that after the first 12 days, you can easily tear off one half to save precious fridge space. To get your taste buds going, expect cheese choices from the smooth and sweet Jarlsberg up to nutty flavors like the Red Leicester Cheese. There’s also some Applewood cheese inside, perfect if you’re looking for a smoky aroma in your cheese. 

But why stop there?

Why not compliment this cheese Advent calendar with an equally amazing wine Advent calendar? (Yes, we mean the calendar that’s first on this list!) This might just be the holiday combo to beat all holiday combos—take our word for it!

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate Advent Calendar


True to Christmas spirit, we’re closing the list with a classic chocolate Advent calendar. Let’s admit it, as exciting as it is to try unique choices, sometimes we just want to stick with the basic. A bar of good old chocolate in the mornings (or nights) leading up to Christmas is still very much unbeatable. Because we want to give you only the best, we’re telling you, this Charbonnel et Walker’s Chocolate Advent Calendar is undoubtedly a banger. 

Although it can be costly for a package of chocolates, this one is a certified premium choice. The 24 drawers here each contain one Charbonnel et Walker chocolate pick. Let’s say a temporary goodbye to plain dark or milk chocolate this season. This Advent calendar lets us indulge in flavors of cranberry truffles, among others

Flavors aside, this also comes in beautiful Victorian-inspired packaging in the loveliest box presentation. We promise you: this is a perfect and fool-proof choice to either enjoy for yourself or to give a loved one.

As the seasons change and the holidays quickly approach, we are continuously discovering creative ways to continue traditions while bringing something to them.

Who would have thought we’d have Advent calendars with bath essentials, whiskey, or superhero figurines?

Perhaps, that’s the beauty of Christmas—it inspires us to be excited and get geared up for the festive season the best way we know how. So, we hope we’ve given justice to the good old Advent calendar by providing you a wide variety of choices. Whatever you choose, the goal is to enjoy the Christmas season anticipation. Happy holidays!