Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those women you’d love to hate, but she’s just too good, too pretty, to everything right to manage even the slightest of menacing thoughts about her. While there are still a lot of her true fans who think splitting with Gwyneth was the stupidest mistake Brad Pitt could ever make, Paltrow has certainly gone on with her adventurous life and one success after another. Kudos, GP, he wasn’t good enough for the likes of you, anyway. Gwyneth Paltrow is the woman every woman would secretly love to be–with her amazing beauty that is not anything artificial, her body, her elocution, wit and charisma–and her grace. She’s definitely the total package. When she speaks fashion, we listen. She has a lot to say these days, branching out from the theatrical life and into the world of haute cuisine. (Who knew?)

Some People are Just Lucky
When it comes to being fashionably attired, Gwyneth Paltrow could wear a poorly made sack, sewn by a 1st grader and make it somehow look grand. It’s good for us that she still enjoys wearing the latest fashions, and in her impeccable trend-setting style, the following looks are not only “so-Gwyneth,” but so much more, and can make anyone sparkle and shine. There’s only one Gwyneth Paltrow, and there’s only one you. Check out these ensembles for your favorites and rock them, in your signature style! Here are GP’s suggestions to begin building, for the upcoming season of glorious spring, 2016:

  • The Shirt Dress: This is one of Gwyneth’s favorite go-to basics that can be taken in different directions for different distinctive and varied looks. Gwyneth considers a belted, lightweight, soft fabric shirtdress to be a wardrobe workhorse, with its versatility, and how it can be nicely layered under slightly heavier knitted items which can be easily peeled off if the day decides to warm up along the way. She prefers to have shorter sleeves, or if they’re long, sleeves that easily roll up. Every girl should own at least one of these, along with some nice, neutral accessories:
    • A medium-size black satchel bag is the ideal carriable with a shirtdress, featuring the option of handles or a longer shoulder strap. Go anywhere with one of these in tow. She always makes sure she’s packing inside of her satchel some of her favorite clear zinc sunscreen, for extra protection against premature aging from sun damage. She rocks her large-framed tortoiseshell shades, which are a standard purse component, too.
    • Amazing how just one detail can totally transform a shirtdress! She alternates between her trendy, tan colored and thin-laced flat sandals for those warmer spring days, and when the weather reverts to a few winter leftovers, she slips those pedicured feet of hers into her favorite thigh-high flat black boots and rocks the cooler temps in style.
    • When she’s doing the tan sandals, she loves to switch to her more summery purse, a nice, medium large tan shoulder bag in lighter raffia–so apropos for the spring temps.
    • Gwyneth makes sure her cable knit, cream colored turtleneck is not far from reach when she goes out clad in her shirtdress, whether she’s wearing it, or has the arms cinched around her waist. A nice, casual chic.
Gwyneth Paltrow

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  • The Denim Skirt, Gwyneth-Styled: She loves how she can take a tailored denim skirt and dress it up or down. Paired perfectly with a better than basic crisp, white collared shirt, she’s set. For the transitional temps that are prevalent this time of year, she’s set for whatever comes her way, with a chic, cozy blazer featuring curved, simple seam lines and detailing. This gives her look just the right amount of polish. With this look, she enjoys her crossbody elephant bag on busier days, and when she’s meeting a friend for coffee, she prefers her long-strapped lock clutch for a lighter touch. With a lot of neutral, she rocks this look with some splendid pop of color, in electric blue, or cherry red suede ankle boots–with just the right heel height of 3”. For longer walks, she switches to some comfy, white slip-on walkers, for more “spring” during spring walks.
  • Gwyneth’s High Waisted Pants Style: With her basic, neutral gray or navy high-waisted crop pants, the sky’s the limit for all she can do. The waist is snug and the hips are loose for lots of movement in style. She particularly enjoys pairing these pants with a cashmere knit v-neck sweater with nice, long sleeves that can be pushed up as the day goes on. Accessorized splendidly for chic sophistication with some pointy-toed strappy mules, her go-to bag is a medium slouchy hobo bag in a tan color for this look. Add some multi-metal chunky jewelry at the neck and the wrist, and on warmer days, switch the sweater for a nice, neutral flouncy, large-armed shirt–plain and simple. And nothing like having that trendy black leather biker’s jacket for staying out on the town, after sundown with friends.