Carrie Underwood’s beauty is astounding, and with it comes her stellar poise and grace–not to mention her sheer talent and determination. As the gorgeous-looking and awesome-singing champion of American Idol’s fourth season, everyone knows that it was more than any one of her outstanding gifts that won her the title. Good looks and talent can only go so far. There has got to be some precise know-how behind this high ranking status–and Carrie Underwood’s talent far exceeds a beautiful voice, an amazing face and a brilliant manager. When it comes to natural, raw beauty like Carrie’s, the number of women blessed with such attributes would astound the average mind. When it comes down to owning beauty by knowing what to do with it, like Carrie Underwood does, it comes down to two basic components: attitude, and knowing how to rock your personal look. There’s no gamble about it.

Carrie’s  Always – Awesome Hair
For one thing, Carrie is never above adding in some extended tresses, when needed. She makes sure they look all-natural, anytime she visits her colorist, surely with a good supply of “extra tresses” to receive the same coloring effects. Then, when she needs more length, more volume or more lift, she’s got it, only for her and her stylist to know. One of Carrie’s must-haves, especially when she’s on the road, is her big-barrel curling iron. She shares that “With the right one, it’s quick and easy to create soft waves–even when you’re in a huge hurry.” Her typical styles are unpinned and down, with her blonde and beachy loose, finger-combed waves. She’s one we hope will hang onto her longer length of tress-fineness–who can imagine her with a pixie? Not that she couldn’t, but her length–and what she does with it is part of the package we love.

Carrie’s Flawless Foundation
When it comes to applying foundation, Carrie understands and stresses the importance of beginning by applying a good primer. They’re not all created equal. With her busy schedule, Carrie empathizes, “I know it sounds like an extra step, but it makes my makeup look flawless and last so much longer.” Make sure the primer you choose is best suited to your skin type and condition, as they’re all designed to work with specific skin issues. A good daytime foundation that’s more on the light side comes with mineral products.

Carrie Underwood

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Carrie’s Eye Look
Carrie is all about well-managed bling, and when it comes to eyes she assures us that “Shimmer eye shadow is a definite ‘do.’ Whether you’re creating a light, natural eye or a dramatic smoky effect, a little goes a long way!”  She admits to always wearing makeup, even when at home, loving her role as mommy and caring for adorable son Isaiah, just as whenever her itinerary calls for her to be out and about. She shares that in having older sisters, she began wearing makeup at the age of 12, confessing that she would make her own daughter, if she had one, wait a little longer to begin. One element you won’t likely see on Carrie’s eyes are the dramatic wing tips that create the cat eye effect. This isn’t because she doesn’t like them, but because she confides her inability to master. Carrie’s shadow is usually three shades within the same color family. With the darker shade blended at the crease, she uses the mid-shade to softly line the perimeter of the eye for her signature smoky effect. She finishes by using the lightest shade, feathering and blending upward from the eye crease and disappearing well-below the brow line. She accents her waterline all the way around with a soft black, and packs on the mascara for a final step. She defers to the same process for daytime, just toned-down a bit. Carrie’s perfect lips rock with some neutral glossy shine and go. When parted in her smile, her teeth reveal Carries impeccable care and whitening routine.

Carrie’s Fashion Sense
There are a few elements that accompany Carrie’s brand of fashion, and those concentrate on timeless quality, classic beauty and no shortage of feminine dresses. We’re more likely to see her in solids rather than prints, and she loves the softer, feminine fabrics, like tulle, silks and rayon blends. With an occasional dynamic style focused on an exacting geometric B&W, you’ll find that Carrie has a love for the monochromatic form of putting her looks together, and nobody does it better. She can rock a 1950s-styled just-below-the-knee “June Cleaver-styled” cocktail dress, just as smoothly as denim cutoffs and a tank top, but she always keeps her look on the modest, classy side. Queen of the cocktail dress, we love seeing her in those full-skirted choices she frequently chooses. And since losing 30 lbs., her killer body makes anything she wears full-on awesome.