Father’s Day is up and coming – and while Dad might not have been the one to give birth to you, his role as a protector and guide shouldn’t go unappreciated. For many families, fathers are often the pillars who hold a family together. While we may have differences in beliefs and values, it’s important to try and have a good relationship with our fathers.

Acknowledge His Effort
We need to remind ourselves that nobody is perfect. If only there was a guidebook on parenting! From the very beginning, fathers learn on the job. It is only through experience that knowledge can be gained. In the same manner, we need to acknowledge that our fathers, while they are not perfect, they try to do the right thing for the family.

Father and son

Communicate Your Feelings
Too often, we are at loggerheads due to differences in opinion or a tactless comment. One of the key points to improving your relationship with the old man is to communicate our feelings and thoughts. Some degree of sensitivity and consideration would go a long way to enabling a good relationship.

Appreciate Each Other
Rue and regret are useless feelings. Instead, take every opportunity to appreciate your dad for the little things. It will help you grow as a person, and to never take things or people for granted. Remember, it’s never too late to apologize.

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