Amidst our busy sedentary lives, we forget to take care of our bodies. Health is wealth, people! Sitting is the smoking of our generation. It is proven that it is better for our brains when we exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. And because we know you struggle to find the time, we have come up with a daily exercise routine that only takes up 20 minutes. Challenge yourself to wake up slightly earlier than usual, and we promise, it will be worth all the effort!

woman skipping rope

Before the start of every exercise, remember to warm up by doing simple stretches with your arms, legs and body. Take your time to warm up to reduce risk of injury.

  1. Begin with a 5 minute plank, either elbow or hand. Then complete a 1 minute side plank for both sides.
  2. Continue to 5 minutes of squats, try to complete as many squats as you can in 1 minute, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat until 5 minutes is up. During squats, make sure your knees are pointing forwards aligned with your second toe.
  3. Keep the pace up with a skip rope, and jump for 5 minutes. Depending on your experience and speed, it is usually encouraged to skip for 1 minute and to rest for 20 seconds. Repeat until 5 minutes is up.
  4. Finally, slow it all down by lying on your back to perform 3 minutes of sit-ups. As usual, remember to break for a rest at each minute.