One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying sunglasses is to buy them based on their shape, or particular fashion statement, regardless of how cute, sophisticated or trendy they may be. The only way anyone can ever be absolutely sure about how sunglasses will look on their face is to try them on, and check out how they make them look. The view must be adequate–surely larger than those little up-top mirrors–however well-intended–which you can usually find as standard components of the cylindrical sunglasses rack in most stores.

Know Your Face Shape
Just because a certain style of sunglasses looks good on someone who might even resemble you in appearance, you can’t be sure, unless you try them on for yourself. While your choice will be influenced by shapes–both your face shape and how the shape of the sunglasses’ frames affect your overall look. A cool way to diagnose the shape of your face is to pull all your hair back off of your face and secure. Now, look into a mirror directly, and using a bar of soap or a dry erase marker, draw the outline of your face onto the mirror. You can use the shape you’ve drawn to determine the exact shape. With your shape in mind, here are some guidelines for selecting the most flattering shades for you.

  • The Round Face: Widest across cheekbones, this shape slightly narrows above at the forehead and below at the jawline. Wide ovals, retro squares and the chic cat’s’-eye frames are yours. Frames which are more wide than tall, with high-set temples are best for you.
  • The Oval Face: This shape is longer than it is wide, and can pair with almost any frame shape. Make sure that the frames you select are minimally as wide as the widest part of your own face. They can be wider, with no problem. Round frames, retro squares, oversized and those classic aviators look great on the oval shaped face.
  • The Heart Face: Retro Square, Cat’s Eye and Sport frames are the best suited for a heart-shaped face. This shape comes from the jawline being the narrowest point on the entire face. Always look for frames that are wider at the top than at the bottom.
  • The Oblong Face: Similar to the oval, but longer, and often with an elongated cheek line and sometimes a bit longer nose. This face shape can rock aviator frames! Just remember to go wide with your frames, and look for low bridges to shorten the nose length. Horizontally-ovals and outer edge details or ornamentation are good.
  • The Square Face: A strong jaw, wide forehead and wide cheekbones define this shape of face. Sunnies that are rimless or minimally soft edges–can be curved. Go with more width and less length to tame this angular face. Stay clear of frames with a flat bottom edge. Rounds, ovals, aviators and shields are best.
  • The Diamond Face: This most rarely occurring face shape is characterized by a narrow eye line and jaw line, with broader cheekbones, which can be high and bold. Go for more width at the eye line. Frames with distinctive detailing and draw attention to the brow are good, as well as rimless and semi-rimless frames. This shape can wear ovals and cat’s-eyes. Avoid narrow frames.
  • The Triangle Face: Distinguished by wider cheekbones, a broad forehead and a narrowed, small chin. Go with rimless frames or lighter colors that are wider at the bottom. One-color, please, and no detailing. Stay clear of frames that are like your face shape–wider at the top.