Every day, you want your hair to look spectacular, or at least good, but there are a few occasions when you want your look to feature a killing hairstyle that outdoes every other style you’ve ever sported before. One of those very important occasions happens to be for prom. This is one time when you want to make sure you have the perfect style, the right tools to make it happen, and the hair that will cooperate and behave all day and all night long. Are you ready? Have you chosen your signature style of hair for prom?  Whether you feel fairly confident and set on a particular hairstyle or you’re rummaging through magazines and browsing various tutorials on the Internet in the hopes that an idea will just jump off the page at you, here are a few “prom-worthy styles” that deserve a bit more than a casual, passing look. One could easily become your dazzling hair look for this year’s prom. A really important thing to remember is to try out any hairstyle at least once, before prom day, to make sure you like it, that you can do it and that it looks good on your face shape. You’ll need to know how long it takes you to create the style, too. Don’t wait untill the day of prom, only to discover that it won’t work. Then, what will you do?

Alternating Curl Ribbons
This looks a lot more complex than it is, and will truly turn heads with envy, at prom. Before styling, wash and condition your tresses. Blow dry completely. Next, apply thermal protection to your dry hair and plug in your small-barrel curling wand. Working in ¾” sections of hair at a time, begin with one section by wrapping only the bottom third of this section to curl. Moving on to the next section, curl wrap the bottom half section of hair. You can continue this alternation all the way around, curling all the way to include ends. For longer hair, you can come back, picking up the same original sections you first curled and stagger higher wand-curling to random 4-6 inch sections of hair closer to the scalp, not placing curls any closer to the scalp than 4 inches. Set with a nice finishing spray.

Bouncy Prom Waves
Remember to apply a good quality thermal protection to dry hair before creating this prom style for medium hair lengths. This is a particularly good style for longer face shapes. You’ll use hot rollers for this one. The “twist” on this one, is actually a real twist, in that before you wind your hair sections onto each roller, twist up each section and wrap around roller with it twisted. These waves should  begin midway down the length of your hair and progress to within 1” of the ends. Leave the ends out, and secure the rollers till cool. Once cool, leave up until you’re doing your makeup and getting close to departing. Remove the rollers and spray your fingers with some beachy salt spray to loosely rake through your hair waves. Don’t overdo this step. Just a little, is all you need. Finish off with some flexible hold setting spray.

Perfect for Prom Updo
This easy and fresh updo is big on style, and will last all night. Loosely gather hair into a ponytail, with a few random left out strands. Secure with covered elastic band and just above the elastic band, use your index finger to create a hole in the hair there, between the elastic and your scalp. Now, take the ponytail and bring it up and push through the hole, pulling it out and downward. This will create a lovely roll of your hair on either side of your head. Exaggerate this roll by manipulating and securing invisibly with bobby pins. Apply thermal protection to ungathered wispy strands and ponytail. Next, wrap varying size sections of the ponytail around a 1” curling wand and allow to cool completely. Using the same wand, curl the loose wisps around your face and finish with lightweight flexible hold spray.