Spring is just around the corner, with summer sure to follow. Whether you are a woman who is known for often sporting sandals on your feet, for all 12 months long, or you reserve your sandals for the official warm weather months, you’ve got a lot to look forward to this year. Sandal designs have exploded beyond anything ever previously imagined, and these new designs are so stunning that they might just turn every fashionista into a year-round sandal-footed damsel.

We’ve Seen, and We Liked What We Saw
The 2016 sandal lineup is sure to get you pumped, with so many to choose from, and a lot of this year’s  trend seems to be directed to a more minimalistic approach that makes them even more compelling. The task of narrowing down the selections to something more affordable is going to be harder than ever this year. Anyone who observed the sandal lineup on the catwalk during fashion week saw some significant style contributions from the big labels, in sandal wear. Sexier than ever, so many leg-loving styles that were like soft, cushiony form of stunning beauty  to float on as the models wearing them would glide down the runway–and not trip. Check these top attractions out, for your newest sandal wardrobe additions:

  • Different Heights, with  Flatform Soles: This innovation is rocking the whole platform trend, as it takes platform soles, reinventing them into foundations that stand alone, with little to no rise in the heel area. Are you ready to rock this rise? These sandals are kind of like flats with attitude, or high-rise flats. You just need to see them to really understand them. These stellar flat sandals are coming from all the top lines–Louis Vuitton, Versace, Burberry and Giambattista Valli, just to name a few. Certain brands feature a heavy application of stud and chain embellishments, for a more edgy look. Make a point of checking out Chanel and Alexander Wang for heavy metal accents.
  • Lace-ups: Laces for sandals that do more than just tying together are being designed to give just enough to prevent them from digging into your leg when you wear them. You know, the sandal laces that proceed up to varying heights on the leg, like mid-calf. Pair these with the new lucite heels, or a platform base–in suede, with boho fringing effects. These are must-have choices in 2016 sandals, for sure!
  • Gladiators that Kill in Today’s Fashion Arena: In a departure from up the leg lacing, the new gladiator sandals reach the knee in more strappy splendor. Look for open toes and stiletto heeled gladiators with new, bold color combinations and new glitter touches. The Ferragamo line has some designs that continue to lead the way.
  • Sandal Socks? Well, kind of, as the trend is to pair socks with sandal-wearing, and there are even many styles of socks that reflect a continuation of the designs and patterns found on the sandals themselves. Some of these amazing socks actually drew more attention on the runways than the sandals or clothing did!  Checkerboard, glittery, lacey and more. Cut-out socks to pair with cut-out sandals. Gorgeous slingback straps reveal just how nicely these socks set off the accompanying sandals. Fringed Sandals with fringed socks, and socks that are embellished with crazy tassels just take the whole sandal thing up, up and up!