There are a great many makeup options out there—drugstore makeup, special effects makeup, and waterproof makeup are just some of the few kinds of makeup. I know they vary greatly in price ranges, and waterproof makeup is even more expensive than the regular kind. Why so?

Reasons to Invest in Waterproof Makeup - 1

Basically, they’re more expensive because of their waterproof formulation. You won’t have to worry about looking washed out. You won’t have to worry about your makeup going crazy when you cry while watching The Fault In Our Stars or when you’re suddenly caught in the rain or perhaps thrown into a pool by some friends while having fun. Compared to regular makeup, there are several benefits of using waterproof makeup which is why it wouldn’t be bad investing on some for yourself.

Reasons to Invest in Waterproof Makeup - 2

  • Waterproof eye makeup such as mascara and eyeliner don’t smear after extended hours of wearing them. And if in case you cry while wearing this kind of makeup, you won’t look like a horror movie character with the mascara running down your tear-stricken cheeks. It won’t smudge when the weather becomes humid and you can save yourself the need of looking at a mirror to check your eyes from time to time in fear of having smudgy mascara all over the place.
  • Waterproof eyeshadows have stronger, more vivid colors which is why when combined with some eyelid primer, they last longer and look as if they’ve just been applied.
  • I think this is one which all girls who love lipstick should have—waterproof lipstick. It can get tiring having to constantly reapply lipstick after eating or after every few hours. For the most part, I prefer waterproof lipstick because it’s a lot friendlier for special occasions and it allows you to eat comfortably without having to worry about retouching on your lipstick after you’re done eating.
  • Waterproof blush and foundation is great for those who walk around a lot at work and don’t have a lot of time for retouching. Waterproof makeup generally last longer and they look as if they’ve just been applied, so for those who don’t have the patience or dedication to consistently check on their makeup, these products work great.

Consider these benefits and great effects of waterproof makeup when deciding to buy makeup!