In these trending days of “leave nothing unexposed,” the ideology seems to be trending to the way we’re wearing our boots. Designers are making every effort to help us show more, when it comes to the boots we’ll be wearing for the coming crisp to frigid treks ahead of us in the coming seasons. And as this new trend is out of the box, it appears that there’s a whole lot of creative space to explore in materials, colors, shapes and designs for proud, flirty boot tops everywhere.

Something for Every Set of Winter Gams Out There
Boot socks are the hottest trend to hit the leg industry since boots! Which brings another valid consideration to light: Designers have gone so far as to not leave out a single soul, in the new boot sock revolution, with something for everyone. While toiling away at the drawing board, someone realized that for many women, and especially if they’re going to be wearing their boots on the outside of jeans, tucked away into the boot shafts, adding another layer could be problematic. Not for everyone, but for instance, the women who are either highly prone to being classified as “hot natured,” or the femmes with a little extra in the calf department. There are women who, just by introducing a sock into the mix, would wind up with a boot that would no longer fit, as in “pull up” or “zip up.” So, for this special population, there are boot “cuffs,” that appear to do everything that their counterparts, boot socks do, but they get there by cheating–or let’s choose to call it a hack. A boot sock hack? Sure, why not?

Oh, the Boot Socks You’ll See!
Sock or hack, there are so many ways to wear these innovative boot toppers, and the addition of a pair can totally turn around an ensemble, both style wise and color wise. Some features thoughtful bits of sewn-on whimsy and style, from baubles, jewels and buttons. Others consist of multi fold tops, and there are many patterns created by various knitting styles employed in the manufacture. You’re going to find a variety of thicknesses, as well as different levels of stretch power, too. Some have adorable lacy tops, some sport playful, girly bows. There are boot socks that are made to give the impression that they’re layered, and for a certain percentage of women with skinny-minnie calves, layering might always be a fun option! Surely these fancy “leggings” will come offering different levels of moisture-wicking power, so do your homework before you dive in.