Have you ever considered applying bee venom to your skin? No? Neither had I until I stumbled upon Venofye. This skincare brand makes use of bee venom, also known as apitoxin, in all of its products. Why? That’s exactly what I intended to find out!

What Does Bee Venom Do For the Skin?

So, what’s the deal with bee venom?

Surprisingly, this ingredient is nothing new. Excreted by bees when they sting something, bee venom is packed with beneficial compounds, which is why it has been used in traditional medicine practices for centuries. 

When it comes to the skin, my research taught me that bee venom has been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth and density after just 12 weeks of use. It can help to calm the look of acne too while also soothing the feeling of inflammation. 

I read through numerous studies about this unique ingredient and, after learning that bees aren’t actually harmed in any way when their venom is extracted, I decided to ‘bee’ brave and give some of Venofye’s venom-infused skincare products a try. With both fine lines and acne fighting to dominate my skin, I was hoping that adding bee venom to my routine would turn things around for my complexion.

Venofye’s Venom-Infused Skincare

Seprent Thermatox Collection

Venofye has created several skincare collections. Each one combines bee venom with a blend of other cutting-edge ingredients to tackle a specific range of visible skin concerns. With each collection, the brand has used ingredients that enhance the results that bee venom provides. 

For example, the Iron Bee Collection is all about harnessing the way in which bee venom can soften the look of wrinkles. In these products, bee venom is mixed with other ingredients that also contribute to a smoother and firmer complexion.

Likewise, the Serpent Thermatox Collection focuses on how bee venom can rejuvenate the complexion. That’s why the ingredient has been combined with others that do the same. This means better and faster results when the products are used regularly.

When it comes down to it, the science behind bee venom skincare is pretty solid. In theory, this ingredient should be capable of making a huge difference to the look and feel of a person’s skin, particularly when used in the way that Venofye has done. However, the big question is…do these venom-infused products really work in the way that they should? 

Here are my thoughts on the Venofye products that I’ve personally tried:

The Iron Bee Transforming Cream

Iron Bee Transforming Cream

It’s not easy to find an oil-free cream that’s designed to target the appearance of wrinkles. Most of the products out there that are made for aging skin usually contain at least a couple of plant oils. They’re great ingredients but my acne-prone skin doesn’t take kindly to them.

However, Venofye’s Iron Bee Transforming Cream is an exception. This lightweight, oil-free formula brings bee venom together with green tea extract, vitamin A, aloe vera leaf extract, and other potent ingredients. They all feature powerful antioxidant properties, making them ideal for diminishing the visible signs of aging.

I’ve been using this cream every night for about two months now and I can definitely see an improvement in the look of my fine lines. Without the bee venom, I doubt that this formula would have been able to do much. However, adding the ingredient in really amplifies this product’s potency. Even better, my skin has been feeling much softer and smoother. I also love how I can slather on a relatively thick layer of this cream and don’t have to worry about breaking out!

The Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum

Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum

The Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum is a super lightweight solution designed to fade the appearance of creases around the eyes. It has been created for daily use, so this is one that I now apply to my skin every morning.

Again, two months later, the fine lines that were spidering their way around my eyes now look pretty much invisible. I used to spend quite a while each morning covering them over with makeup. However, thanks to this serum, I no longer need to do that.

This is largely down to the bee venom in the formula. It contains several other superstar ingredients too, such as vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate, and peptides. However, I’ve used those ingredients in other eye serums before and haven’t noticed such a massive improvement. This leads me to believe that this product’s power really is fuelled by its bee venom content.

The Iron Bee Skintight Syringe

woman glowing skin

A product that can instantly smooth away the look of fine lines and wrinkles? Yes, please! It’s hardly surprising that I ended up splurging on Venofye’s Iron Bee Skintight Syringe – its promises were too good to ignore! To be honest, if I had known that the other two products that I had purchased would work so effectively, I may not have gone ahead and bought this one too. However, I’m still glad I did. It’s perfect for when your complexion needs to be temporarily tightened up before a special event.

Again, I’ve used a few similar products in the past but this one really takes things to the next level. It gets to work in a matter of seconds, leaving my skin looking firmer and bouncier. 

Its syringe-like applicator intimidated me a little at first. However, it turns out that it’s so easy to use. It enables you to directly target each individual crease. This wat, you don’t end up smearing the product on the areas of your face that don’t need it. As you can imagine, this makes the product last for longer. 


I’ve looked into the science of many skincare brands before and, while products often seem promising in theory, they fail to deliver in reality. That’s certainly not the case with Venofye. These formulas have all been cleverly crafted to magnify the unique properties offered by bee venom and, from my experience, they work brilliantly. If you’ve been struggling with any visible skin concerns that bee venom could potentially help with, I would most definitely recommend giving the ingredient a try with Venofye’s incredible products!