Planning a vacation in the U.S. often overlooks the chance to discover our nation’s 49th state, and it’s a magical place that is full of adventure and the most breathtaking views in the entire U.S. Why not consider a trip to experience Alaska, where your eyes alone will feast on a never ending thread of delights and wonders, the likes of which you could not imagine. They’re all in Alaska, and even though you’ll still be in America, it will feel like you have traveled to another world.

Stay in an Alaskan Cabin
The most difficult aspect of planning a trip to Alaska is in trying to see as much as you possibly can during the time you’re going to be there. There is literally something spectacular about every town or site in the state–meaning you can’t go wrong, no matter where you wind up. One of the nicest ways to experience Alaska is to rent a cabin–there are many charming cabins peppered across the state for vacation renting, located in quiet towns with spectacular views, everywhere you look.

Discover the Northern Lights
Sometimes called the Aurora Borealis–massive ethereal green bands light up the Alaskan night sky with a true once in a lifetime beauty that is not to be missed. What they are is solar particles that have been pulled into the magnetic field of the earth, and even though they’re 60 miles above, these east to west bands of brilliant green light put on a mind blowing show as they undulate and evolve in always changing fashion. You’ll see other beautiful colors throughout, from yellow-green to blue and even deep red. Peak viewing is found in the winter, during the coldest weather, and when it’s the darkest, but they can be seen on into the spring, and start back up in early September. A must-do. The most wonderful views of the Northern Lights are in Fairbanks, Anchorage and Talkeetna.

With a never ending wealth of recreational opportunities, you’ll find in Sitka one of Alaska’s most beautiful adventure lands to behold. On Baranof Island, you’ll find plenty of water, from oceans to rivers and lakes. Visually stunning views in every direction.

Kenai Fjords National Park
If prized vistas are what you seek, this is the place to be. Enjoy a 5 passenger light plane trip above crystal blue glaciers, the Chugach National Forest, Lake Clark National Park and more. Serenity from nature that is truly Heavenly.

Denali National Park
For the adventurous traveler, here are plenty of trails to hike, and when you tire, hop on a bus tour of the more than 6 million acres of jaw-dropping serenity within a majestic rise of rocky terrain. Visit Mount McKinley–the tallest North American peak. Visit the sled dog kennels for a fun side trek.

Dalton Highway
Running parallel to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, this 414 miles long Alaska Route 11 highway is not to miss while in Alaska. With literally one spectacular panorama after another, you’ll find a slice of Heaven here. It’s one of the most isolated roads in the U.S., so take plenty of food and water for the ride.