Regardless of your specific position on aging gracefully and what you consider to be acceptable and necessary efforts and what you deem as going too far, if you could have access to a proven way to look like folks who are ten years younger than yourself, the chances are pretty good that you wouldn’t hesitate to employ it. It would be a really rare person who would turn down the opportunity to shed a decade, and to be able to do so without undergoing something as radical as surgery at the same time. There are surprisingly quite a few proven ways that will enable you to add back the last ten or so years, and have your peer group scratching their heads and imagining that you must be one of those folks who just happened to be blessed with “good genes.” What follows are a few of the best ones.

The Oralift
According to a London dentist named Dr. Nick Mohindra, he has come up with a surefire way to rewind the clock by regular wearing of his unique invention, the Oralift. His patients come to him to get fitted for this unadorned plastic mouthguard that Dr. Mohindra says actually works to resculpt the face, plump cheeks, create fuller lips and generally make anyone look younger and more attractive, overall. Dr. Mohindra shares that as we age, we tend to lose facial height, resulting in a more aged appearance. The Oralift helps to separate the back teeth which adds back facial height. There will be facial muscles, which will gradually become stretched with regular use, causing them to release the proteins that increase collagen, and blood flow to the skin is improved, making it brighter and healthier.

Miracle Skin Transformer
Here you get an all in one product that effectively smooths wrinkles while firming and retexturizing. It contains vitamin K to lighten those unwanted dark circles under your eyes, CoQ10 fo add elasticity and firmness and vitamin A which expedites cell turnover. With an SPF of 20, you’re set. Its mica-based formulation of pigments and silicones work to fill pores, hide discoloration and generally restore a smooth, velvety surface to the skin. While it’s not makeup, it’s as close as you could possibly get to it. It contains healing plant extracts of papaya, saw palmetto and ecophysalis to protect the skin from damage by free radicals and reduce redness and inflammation.

Naturopathica Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex
Vitamin C contains excellent properties that have proven in numerous studies to effectively boost cell renewal and skin turnover while facilitating the production of collagen below the surface. The sad news is that Vitamin C in most of the commonly sold forms just doesn’t do the trick due to insufficient or rapidly dissipating active ingredients. Naturopathica’s founder Barbara Close avoids these issues by encasing the ascorbic acid polypeptide in a liposome delivery system that ensures product stability and penetration.