Animal prints – are they in or out? Where is the definitive answer to this (age old) question, and if they are out, shouldn’t we hang onto all our animal print clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for future use? If there were ever any fashion trend that literally could be counted on to cycle back eventually, it’s animal prints. For the fashionistas out there, though, it might be devastating (or at least a tad uncomfortable) to be seen out and about sporting zebra, leopard and tiger when they are not currently experiencing being back around again (yet.) Take comfort, there are answers to those pressing questions, and there’s no reason you ever again need to question your choice of attire, especially when there is little or no evidence visible to you wherever you  may happen to be.

Where Animal Prints First Made Their Mark
Way back in the 18th century, the ultra rich European aristocracy were first made aware of the beautiful patterns that naturally came with  various skins brought back from explorers and other central figures who were colonizing Asia and Africa at that time. While the skins were usually not suited for the clothing styles of the day, methods were developed to reproduce the exact animal prints on a variety of fabrics which could then be made into period clothing. Can you say, “Tres chic?” Later on in time, we have Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall to thank for utilizing these prints and giving them an extra measure of “Hey Baby!”

Why Animal Prints Never Go Out of Style Completely
When any component of your attire or accessories is an animal print, you can pretty much piece together an endless array of other colors and styles. n, maybe not prints,  however there are some that work fine in combination with animal prints. You should really think of these prints and patterns as neutrals, particularly when you think about the colors they involve. Animal prints can be worn year-round, so they are always acceptable attire. And they always add a unique form of “statement” to whatever you are wearing.

Select Your Outfit Around Your Animal Print Item
Typically, the trend is to include animal prints in small doses, to add pop and zing to an outfit. Belts, shoes, hair accessories and jewelry are great pieces to be detailed with animal prints. Jewelry is a wonderful way to show your “animal pride.” the thing is, when you add even a small element, like a leopard print clutch, it’s enough, all on its own, to carry the idea. Be really careful combining animal prints. There are ways in which this can be accomplished, but if you are not careful, you could absolutely cancel you out, altogether and swallow you whole. So…if you own anything that is animal print, keep it. There will be a time when you will be glad you did.