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Gigi Hadid

Style Check- Gigi Hadid’s Top Looks

0Lovely model and TV personality Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid was given the distinction of being one of Sports Illustrated’s 2014 rookies–in their annual swimsuit issue. And when it comes to finding her best looks, this girl could wear anything, and just by her wearing it–it would be a “best” look. Her maternal Dutch ancestry combined…

Easter basket

Top Easter Basket Gifts!

Who ever said that Easter baskets were all about candy, candy and more candy? Does it have to be full of candy to be an adequate Easter basket? Whether or not you choose to pile on the chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Cream Eggs, M&M Easter egg-shaped candies, jelly bean eggs, marshmallow Peeps and more is your…

St. Mary's, USA

East Coast Towns You Must Visit!

When planning your summer of 2016, a major component should always be a trip to the beach–whether it’s more of a coastal spot and less beach, the inspirational beauty and resurgence being near the ocean is a must-do for summer travelers. The East Coast is rapidly becoming the hot spot–or collection of hot spots to…