Nice, thick eyelashes luxuriously frame the eye and are probably the most significant contribution that cosmetics make to the face. There have been a myriad of attempts made to formulate the ideal mascara to fortify the wearer’s existing eyelashes with volume and length, while looking natural. Supplemental or “false” eyelashes have continually evolved since their crude inception to now look more natural. While the application has improved, many women find them impossible to apply.

New Help For Luxurious Lashes
Eyelash extensions are the best technique for improving on anyone’s “natal” lashes, no one will know you weren’t born with them! They are typically (and best) applied by a professional, to lengthen and thicken your own natural lashes. They are actually individual, single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved identically in a natural eyelash growth pattern and shape. The application process involves joining one synthetic strand to each individual, naturally attached eyelash–one by one. This painstakingly tedious process ultimately produces the most beautiful and natural looking enhancement to the eye, ever. They help to richly dress up your look for a special occasion, but also look splendid for regular day wear.

Semi-permanent Lash Extensions
A much-needed advancement has now been delivered to the already in-demand process of getting eyelash extensions. Improved performance was introduced with the benefit of additional wearing time between fixes and re-dos. And while you certainly don’t have to be a celeb to wear them, it’s easy to see why so many Hollywood A-listers are devoted to making sure that these lovely lash boosters are perfectly in place, every day, and especially before they head out. These lashes come in a variety of lengths, and application takes about 1.5 to 2 hrs. Touch-ups are typically needed every 2-4 weeks.

Move Over for Numero Uno
Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions is a Canadian company with a superior product that brings a new level of “natural beauty” to the realm of lash extensions for women everywhere. The beauty and lastability of these lash extensions is what has made them number one, and a lash industry leader! These premier lash extensions are applied using a proprietary glue that fully allows you to engage in your normal life, being able to swim, shower and visit the spa without having any worries of losing lashes. Xtreme Lashes are so beautiful that you won’t need to apply mascara, but if you decide to wear it, go ahead–as long as the mascara is water based and water soluble, as oil-based mascaras can impair the adhesive.