It’s a whole new world out there and while sun tanning used to be the best way to get a deep dark tan, the days of cooking yourself in baby oil are long gone! People are becoming more and more aware of the health risks that the sun has on the body. Cancer is on the rise, skin cancer being one of the top five killers and the sun is primarily to blame.

Tanning beds have also become a faux pas as they are being linked to skin cancers as well. Not to mention, they are timely and expensive. So what’s a girl to do? Everyone loves a gorgeous tan! The type of tan that makes you look like you just hopped off a cruise ship from the Bahamas.

Self-tanners have a bad rap when it comes to looking like a smelly carrot – the orange tint of most fake tans is what turns off consumers. They can be difficult to use and streaky if not applied just right making it all too obvious that your tan is NOT one that you acquired on a tropical vacation.

Enter Fake Bake
After trying over 10 self-tanners and spending well over $100 (and looking a little too orange), I found the ultimate tanning gel. Fake Bake’s Xtreme Darkest tanning gel has become a part of my daily routine. Available in a spray, gel, mousse or cream, Fake Bake has created the ultimate in self-tanning products. Easy to apply and not as pricey as the other name brand tanners, Fake Bake comes with a glove to apply the gel and as you apply, it’s easy to tell whether or not you have it on evenly.

Price can range from around $20-30 depending on where you purchase Fake Bake, but tends to have the best prices and sometimes, free shipping!

If “darkest” is just too dark for you, Fake Bake offers a “darker” for those with fairer skin. It’s the smell and color of this superior product that keeps it at the top of the self-tanner list – the smell is pleasant, not overpowering and the color looks real!

Final word 
Do not apply directly after showering and once this product is applied, allow a drying time of at least 30 minutes.