Many of us look through fashion magazines wondering how skin can look so flawless or what shampoo these models are using to get their hair so shiny and perfect! The truth of the fashion world is that lights and cameras (and Photoshop) are a girl’s best friend, but so are the top make-up artist’s tricks. From head to toe, there is a trick to getting the pore less glows and perfect looks that you see in ads. These are just a few of the tricks of the trade that professional make-up artists utilize to hone their craft and make this good look great!

Most of us have that “average” skin and then we look a little closer in the mirror to reveal a bevy of pores and lines that horrify us. So how do models, even the ones in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s look so darn amazing??

A few tricks to try:

-Eyes: Believe it or not, many models swear by Hemmoroid cream to reduce swelling around the eye area. Dab a little of this “magic” under the eyes and within minutes, that late night is gone.

-Pimples: Visine and toothpaste are the leaders in this frustrating field! Regular tooth PASTE dabbed onto a bump at bedtime draws out the oils in acne and in the morning, a little Visine takes the redness right out.

-Pores Galore: Silicone is the answer to this age old question of “How do I get that pore less look?” Now primer with silicon, smoothes even the largest pore, prepping the face for foundation and powder.

-Flawless Skin: Speaking of foundation, there is no better way to achieve that flawless make-up look than with airbrush make-up. From foundation to blush, high quality airbrush systems are well worth the money the pro’s get paid for them. Not only can they match skin tones perfectly but the coverage is amazing! Try Christian Dior’s airbrush foundation if you can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for the top systems.

A few tricks to try:

– Updo’s: In the modeling world, dirty hair is a GOOD thing! In fact, almost every undo or intricate style to come across, looks that much better because these models have NOT washed their hair. If you are planning an undo, skip the wash and especially any type of conditioner.

-Shine: For shine, many stylists use silicon based serums and even olive oil to get that glow. Avoid using any products near the roots – stay at least 1-2 inches away! Once the oil gets in, it is virtually impossible to get out without a full washing.

– Roots: Ever wonder how those blonds stay so perfectly blond? Try one of two tricks: blond color spray. Yep, this miracle product is sold in stores like Sephora and work great! The second “magic” way to hide roots is with a loose powder and large blush brush. Dab the brushing the powder and shake till it is even on the brush – then dab the powder in and up and down motion on the root line. You will be AMAZED at how well this works!

There you have it – some of the top tricks of the trade. Stay tuned for even MORE secrets from the styling world!